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2009 Worldview Super Conference: Final Thoughts

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A beautiful thing happened last week.

Christians from all over the world gathered at an old church in Powder Springs Georgia. They exchanged compliments as well as phone numbers; jokes as well as war-stories…hands were shaken, friends were made, and God was glorified.

But something more happened at the 2009 Worldview Super Conference…at least to me anyway.

I arrived in Georgia a beat-down Christian soldier, weary from battle. During my time at the conference, I was convicted of my cowardice by Mr. Kevin Swanson, educated by Mr. Gary North, inspired by Mr. Joel McDurmon, and ultimately persuaded by Mr. Gary DeMar to become more than just a nominal postmillennialist!

You see…I’ve hidden my light under a bushel for so long that I forgot what it was like to shine it…to live in hope. Satan isolated me, cut me off from my brothers and surrounded me with negative reports on a daily basis. I could see only danger and in my heart, I didn’t believe in victory.

Trials these days are multiplied for the Christian. With a radically anti-Christian culture and a president of questionable moral value…we tend to despair. Stories of tyranny mount up in the news…I can’t keep track of them through email anymore. I began to give up hope.

But…brothers and sisters…I met the bride of Christ last week in Georgia! And she is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen…worth every drop of blood shed in her defense. I left the conference with a renewed sense of urgency. She will not be defiled!

She is made up of many wonderful people:

Zoren and Angela Zaev are two kind-hearted and passionate folks. They’ve got an up and coming bookstore full of great materials. (See it here: ) Their baby Stefan is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen…he was smiling through the entire conference. Well Stefan…so was I!

I met Mr. Erich Rauch, American Vision’s director of communications. He writes the occasional article for them as well…usually filled with very enlightening and thought-provoking comments. I had no idea he was a fellow Navy man. (Yaaar!) He’s got a great blog which can be read here: (Sorry for saying your name wrong Eric…it reads different than it sounds…)

I got to meet James DeMar and his wife Catie. Talk about two hard-working folks. Everytime I saw Catie she was behind the register selling books, and it was hard for me to talk with James…he was always rushing from one place to the other doing something. If he wasn’t moving around stacks of books, he was manning the projector for the conference speakers.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard Joel McDurmon trying to chasten a little girl who was enthusiastically running in the building. “Little Girl!…Little Girl!! There’s no running in here!” It just goes to show you that women don’t listen to logic…(ewww…I’m going to get in trouble for that one!) I got Mr. McDurmon to sign a copy of his book “Biblical Logic in Theory and Practice” for me.

Gary DeMar was all over the place…working hard. If I went into the conference hall…he was in there. I could leave and walk over to the exhibit hall, and…there he’d be as well. How Mr. DeMar could morph from one place to the other…I’ll never know…but that man moved around. I can see where James got his work ethic.

I met tons of great people, and I wish I could mention them all (they all deserve it) but space permits only one more. I met Jonathan Narwold at the conference. We had arranged beforehand to split the cost of a nearby hotel for the duration.

Jonathan has the kind of personality that rubs off on you. He’s kind, and easy-going…very analytical…a prime example of an up and coming Christian warrior. Jonathan…I didn’t get the chance to tell you how much I appreciated your company and friendship during the conference bro…but, God bless you. (By the way ladies…he’s single…and on Facebook!)

God’s story never turns out quite like you’d expect. There weren’t any flashy heroes or larger than life warriors in attendance. On the contrary…from the world’s perspective…the conference may not have seemed threatening at all.

I can still see their faces though…full of righteous fury mixed with jovial hopefullness. These are the faces that will haunt the dreams of fascist dictators and cause the knees of demons to shake. These are the faces of my Christian brothers and sisters.

Thank you God for filling the foxholes with such brave men and women.

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