Day three of the Worldview Conference has been a whirlwind of fun and mutual encouragement. Various subjects have been covered by passionate speakers. The theme of the day seems to be education.

This was clearly brought home by Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr. who outlined a dream-like vision of church discipleship. What may be a dream for some of us is reality to Dr. Baucham.

Imagine…going to church and getting the chance to stay with your family the entire time. Imagine…having clear standards for how to act in and out of church. Imagine having the leadership of the church directly confronting fathers and disciplining them when necessary. Imagine having a congregation of nearly 400 people with only three elders! (EVERY man is the covenant elder of his family!)

It all seems too good to be true…and for many of us, it may be. However with Dr. Baucham providing an exmaple…I pray that this vision can be realized eventually.

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati also provided some really great lectures dealing with the substance of a scientific education rather than method. He clearly laid out the presuppositional differences between a Darwinian worldview and that of the Christian Creation Scientist. Interestingly enough, I learned a new term from Dr. Sarfati that I can’t wait to use in conversations with my atheist friends: “Atheiopaths.” I’m sure they’ll love it!

Dr. Gary North is speaking again this evening. I can’t wait!

In the meantime…Gary DeMar has scrounged up a bluegrass band from somewhere, and we’re going to get a real treat this evening after supper!

…I KNEW I should have brought my clogging shoes…

Stay tuned…

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