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Day 2 of the 2009 Worldview Conference

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Folks…I just heard one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard in my life. I was so convicted that I qustioned whether or not to write this blog, or spend the rest of the evening in prayer.

Fortunately for you…I’m blogging!

Dr. Gary North spoke this morning, (see my previous blog). Following him was Joel McDurmon speaking about liberal fallacies in economics. One of the biggest fallacies used by liberals is what he called the “Broken Windshield” fallacy. Suppose a child throws a rock through a store window. The manager now has to buy a new window. Contrary to popular belief, this does not serve to stimulate the economy, but rather steals value from the store manager by requiring him to spend money and time on a new window…(money and time that could have been spent elsewhere.)

Mr. McDurmon also suggested five ways to help Christians stem the tide of inflation.

1. We need to educate ourselves.

2. We need to plan for emergencies by stockpiling savings and consumable goods to get us through unforseen circumstances. He suggested saving enough to cover up to six months.

3. We need to diversify our income.

4. We need to strengthen our relationship with others…including family, friends, church, etc.

5. We need to spend, borrow, and invest while inflation is low, so that when it rises…we’ll be ahead of the game.

Mr. McDurmon also poked fun at the terrible use of alliteration in one of the charts in his power point presentation. Out of respect for Mr. McDurmon…I’ll refrain from formulating fallacious fabrications fraught with frantic frivolities for the remainder of this blog…er, uh…

Next up was Mr. Byron Reese, who I’m told did a wonderful job describing the Byzantine Empire…though I unfortunately missed his presentation. Luckily…one thing we have that Byzantium didn’t, is the tape recorder. (Oh Byzantium I come not from, but from another time and place…)

I really enjoyed the next speaker: Dr. David Goetsch. A former Marine, Mr. Goetsch is now the vice president of Northwest Florida State College. With an easy going southern manner, Dr. Goetsch discussed the liberal tyranny in colleges. As an enlisted man in the Navy, I feel compelled to point out that the Marine Corps is actually part of the Department of the Navy! Yaaar!

Mark Graham, Chairman and CEO of First Founders Financial followed with a passionate lecture providing tips for surviving in current economic times. He passionately railed against ludicrous government spending…it was a marvelous lecture!

At this point…it was getting late, and I was a little tired. I glanced down at my schedule to see what the next speaker was going to discuss. It said: “Equipping Kingdom Warriors for the Battle of the Millennium” to be given by Kevin Swanson…”doesn’t sound that great” I thought…

I had no idea what I was in for…

If the volume and passion of Mr. Swanson’s sermon didn’t wake me up…the chorus of amens and “preach it brothas” sure would have! (Until then I had thought the Westminster Confession prohibited the use of verbal amens in church!)

Mr. Swanson’s sermon convicted me. I can’t hope to capture it in blog form. All I can say is…buy the CD! Afterwards you may find yourself acting as a happy warrior who goes out swinging and slicing heads!

If some woman ever loses her mind and marries me, and God blesses us with kids…I hope I can raise them up to be warriors. I hope I can be man enough to raise warriors who will face down giants, and slay hundreds of bad guys for their king…mighty men who are filled with a holy rage against evil and are jealous for their God! As it is…I feel wholly inadequate for such a task.

Maybe reading Kevin Swanson’s book “The Second Mayflower” will help me grow?

It was an emotionally overwelming conclusion to an already wonderful evening…

I can’t wait for tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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