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Blogging from the Conference: The Godless Standard?

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Enjoy my summary of Dr. Gary North's presentation this morning:

I’m blogging from the 2009 American Vision Worldview Super Conference.

Dr. Gary North just finished giving a presentation on the history and theology behind a gold-standard. It was so enlightening that I figured I’d write a blog about it while everyone else eats lunch.

In Dr. North’s first lecture, he diagnosed America’s economic problems fingering the lack of a gold standard backing the monetary system as the culprit for our current woes.

The “Lights went out in Europe” he said. From 1814 to around 1914, Europe enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity, due in large part to a prevailing Christian worldview that brought stability to the region. But with the onset of WWI all the countries in Europe suspended the gold standard, and the freedoms lost during that time have never been recaptured.

Gary North explained how there was a recession in the 70’s that lead Nixon to abolish the gold standard all together. This, combined with his wage and price controls, lead to shortages, especially in gasoline.

His first lecture clearly laid historical groundwork and showed the catastrophic results of getting off the gold-standard. In his second lecture, he compared the Christian worldview with that of a Darwinist worldview and showed how these differences affect the economic theory of both camps.

This was an historic lecture for Mr. North…it was the first time he’s used a Power Point presentation as part of his talk! And I was there to see it!

He listed 5 basic Christian presuppositions:

1.God is lord over all law.

2. There is a hierarchy of ownership. To own something means to be a good steward.

3. Private ownership (as taught by the 8th commandment)

4. Self-government

5. Men are either covenant keepers or covenant breakers.

He then contrasted these five elements with five similar though different presuppositions of Darwinism. Additionally, the Darwin camp has historically been divided between what Dr. North called the left-wing Darwinists and the right-wing Darwinists.

The right was represented primarily by Herbert Spencer and was characterized by an “every man for himself” sort of attitude. The left, on the other-hand, was characterized by a promotion of human guided development. As Frederick Engles said: “Man proposes and man disposes.” This camp was headed up by Lester Frank Ward, who’s hate for Herbert Spencer was only surpassed by his hate for Jesus Christ.

These two camps within Darwinism (as highlighted by Dr. North) are in direct conflict on all levels with Biblical Christianity!

The gold-standard serves to directly refute the left leaning Darwinists. The right wing Darwinist love it (since it gives individual veto power over the state) but cannot intellectually support it (besides arbitrary assertions of taste.)

In the end…it is only the Biblical Christian that has a presuppositional foundation to support and promote a monetary standard based on gold.

Amen to Dr. North for highlighting these oft neglected truths!

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