On July 5th, I spoke at a church in celebration of our nation’s Christian heritage. After the service, a man approached me. He told me that he had come across a great source for news. He was shocked the first time he sat down to watch. He had no idea all this stuff in the nation and around the world was going on. My wife and I were excited to hear what this news channel was. “Fox News,” he said. I was shocked. I wanted to say, “Where have you been!” Instead, I encouraged him.

On the way back home, I told my wife that this faithful Christian is probably typical. I’m willing to wager that the majority of Christians have no idea what’s going on in the world. They have no idea what this present administration is doing and what it will mean for them, their children, and grandchildren. It’s not that Fox News is perfect, but it does report on stories that the other major network and cable channels will not touch. Even so, Fox News only reaches about 2.15 million viewers per week. Considering a voting population around 100 million, that’s not a lot of viewers.

So where are people getting their information? Newspapers, radio, television, the internet, word of mouth, churches, and schools are the most likely sources. Newspapers are dying. The Network news channels are losing viewership. There is no Walter Cronkite around to gain their trust. Given this transition phase of news volatility, there is a great opportunity to do an end-run around traditional news sources to get information out to people who have given up on the news and see no way to stop our slide down the razor blade of socialism into the vat of iodine fascism. (Just visualizing that images makes me hurt.)

Here’s where you come in. You know people we don’t know, and the people you know that we don’t know, know people that you and we don’t know. The social networking information highway is the new Roman road system. Let’s use it. Here’s what you can do.


Facebook has become the world’s largest social networking website with over 200 million members keeping in touch with friends and family daily. Information can be shared in seconds and make its way across millions of eyes in minutes or hours.

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Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site on the web and is delivering news at a breakneck speed.

The Iranian protests were broadcast via Twitter and the world was updated live asthe protests happened. Iran is still trying to deal with the consequences of instant news in 140 character stories.

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