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Health Care at the Point of a Gun

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BlogImage: 2009April05 - 01Like anyone else, I believe healthcare is important. The question is, What’s the best way to pay for it? Many believe we should have a government-funded system. There is no such thing. The only way governments can fund anything is by printing money or taking it from people who produce it. Printing money, called “fiat money” because it’s created out of nothing, is a god-like act, and governments are not gods.

Printing money when there is no commodity to back it up (e.g., gold or silver) dilutes the value of dollars that are in circulation and exchanged for goods and services. This is called inflation, and the result is higher prices because each new dollar is worth less. Putting dollars into circulation dilutes the value of existing money in the same way that water dilutes wine and dross cheapens silver (Isa. 1:22). Israel was indicted by God because of these actions. Their rulers were described as “rebels,” “companions of thieves” (1:23). Their economic policies had the effect of hurting orphans and widows (1:23). Those on fixed incomes are the ones who are hurt most by the creation of fiat money. Those in most need of health care are the ones who have turned to the State for security, and yet it was the State that created the mess in the first place by its control of the healthcare system (making it more expensive to do business) and its inflationary policies.

Some will say to tax the rich to make healthcare more affordable. Let’s put it another way: Take money by force from some people and give to other people. That’s what a lot of people want done. They think it’s OK to do this as long as we vote for people to do it. Do these people believe it’s legitimate for a person to go to a neighbor and force him at gun point to give him money for healthcare? I suspect that most of them would say no. What if several neighbors force the more prosperous neighbors to pay for their healthcare? Again, most would probably say that this was wrong. How about if the neighborhood created a government to do it? All of a sudden, forcing people to give up their money for other people becomes a duty and a right.

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