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BlogImage: 2009March31 01From time to time, I'm going to open up my email box to readers. It's too bad that I'm not a comedian. There is some great material here. The first one is from a King-James-only advocate. I asked him what a person should do if he or she does not understand English. Is a translation of the KJV as good as the English version? What Bible did people have before 1611? Does it count if I read the Hebrew and Greek and forego a translation? Anyway, here's what he wrote; it's unedited:

king james is the only true bible tpo know truth you have to be saved read the holy bible compare and asdk god for guidence i know why god calls man stubborn and foolish they do anything for money the world is falling apart because man does not want the one and true bible that is my worry about my family. it is in the bible in last days will be wars rumors of wars deception, lies and false prophets once saved and babtized god will lead man to truth. jesus died on the cross and rose again so we all have a chance to be saved from hell when you blieve you have redemption and forgiveness and eternity in heaven everything we need wil be free. no jess and die eternity in hell or haities for your soul to burn forever and no changing once you die check the one and only true bible king james holy bible before you miss truth and don't ever send me this made up stuff

The KJV is a very good translation, but like all translations, it has some shortcomings. One of the biggest problems is the way it translates the Greek words aion, kosmos, and oikoumene. These three different words are translated as "world" (see Matt. 24:3, 14; Luke 2:1; Acts 11:28; John 3:16). It's unfortunate that other translations, even the highly acclaimed ESV and NASV, translate oikoumene as "world" in Matthew 24:14.

Now for something a little different. The following email was sent from someone who did not like the Geneva Bible. Actually, he doesn't like any Bible:

Your books and the Geneva Refence Bible are just as deceiving as the Darby Scofield Reference Bible Swindle & Hoaxes. Search at Google for: Darby Scofield Reference Bible Swindle & Hoaxes. It's your f***ing "300,000 References" which bends anything on this planet. Christianity is an invention made up by the Roman Swindlers and their shyster jews.  Say hello to Satan Lucifer and Ahriman.

In a subsequent email to me, he simply wrote "F***K YOU!!!!!!!."

All in a day's work at American Vision. Have a nice day.

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