The George Floyd incident was the spark that lit a firestorm. Long before his tragic death, there had been an undercurrent of anti-American, anti-White, and anti-Christianity. The goal is total repudiation of Christian civilization in the name of racial justice and white privilege.

The thing of it is, those who are calling for this cultural eradication are in dire need of that culture. The very things they despise are being used in attempts to destroy it. It happens with every revolution. What’s left from the Cuban revolution was built by the culture that it destroyed. The same is true in every revolution that ever existed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gets it exactly right about our nation’s founding principles:

Now, it’s true that at our nation’s founding our country fell far short of securing the rights of all. The evil institution of slavery was our nation’s gravest departure from these founding principles. We expelled Native Americans from their ancestral lands and our foreign policy too has not always comported with the idea of sovereignty embedded in the core of our founding.

But crucially, the nation’s founding principles gave us the standard by which we could see the gravity of our failings and a political framework that gave us the tools to ultimately abolish slavery and enshrine into law equality without regard to race. You don’t always hear these ground truths today. Nor do you hear about the greatest strides our nation has made to realize the promise of our founding and a more perfect union.

It took a long time to remove that Christian foundation of the United States. It began with the Constitution itself that opens with “We the People…” as the ultimate moral and governmental foundation of the nation. The religious and culture views of the people have changed, thus, cancel culture is now represented by “we the people” who put our existing government in power. Our education system has made sure of that as we willing sent our children to be brainwashed by our nation’s enemies (Yes, I know there are exceptions, but there are fewer and fewer of them).

The National Museum of African American History and Culture has made this abundantly clear with a chart on “Whiteness and White Culture.” Read it and be shocked. Actually, don’t be shocked. Be damned mad and do something about it. Vote out every Democrat on November 3rd even if you don’t like Pres. Trump, remove your children from government (public)  schools, and think twice about what college you send them to.

the Website of The National Museum of African American History & Culture on the evils of Whiteness

Posted on the Website of The National Museum of African American History & Culture

Unfortunately, there are few good college choices these days. The entire system is corrupt. Your children may be better suited for industries that don’t require a college education.

It seems that there was so much pushback on this chart that The National Museum of African American History and Culture made the following statement.

Since yesterday [7.15.2020], certain content in the “Talking About Race” portal has been the subject of questions that we have taken seriously. We have listened to public sentiment and have removed a chart that does not contribute to the productive discussion we had intended.

What they really mean is the following:

We got caught. We still believe all of this and we will continue to push these ridiculous ideas on your children. They are the future we say we don’t believe in but we really do. You and your kind will die off and we will inherit all the stuff we say is a problem. Of course, we’ll destory it and turn the United States into a third-world nation like Somalia, but we would have gotten rid of your God and established a new god in our image.

When I saw the “Whiteness” chart, the first thing I thought of was how stereotypical it was of black people.

I wasn’t the only person to think this. The following is from Dr. Robert Gagnon:

If a white supremacist group said that “whiteness” was characterized by “rugged individualism” (“self-reliance”), “emphasis on scientific method” (“objective rational linear thinking”), preparedness (“planning for the future”), self-control (“delayed gratification”), a strong work ethic (“work before play”), optimism (“tomorrow will be better”), monotheism (focus on a “single god concept”), punctuality (“follow rigid … schedules”), and politeness (“be polite”), thereby implying that “blackness” entailed dependency on handouts, irrational thinking, shortsightedness, an absence of self-control, laziness, pessimism, polytheism/animism, lateness, and rudeness, it would be roundly denounced for racist stereotypes…. The graphic is based on “Some Aspects and Assumptions of White Culture in the United States,” by Judith H. Katz (1990) who, ironically, is white.

It would be interesting to find out how many self-loathing white people and self-loathing black people who are most likely getting paid very good salaries and are living off the fruit of the “Whiteness” culture they despise had a hand in putting this chart together. I wonder if they show up on time for work since time seems to be a big problem for critics of “Whiteness” culture.

Dr. Gagnon continues and gets to the heart of what is really being attacked:

The graphic also targets Christianity (which has its origins in the Middle East) as the religion of “whiteness.” Holidays are “based on Christian religions,” history is focused on the “primacy of … Judeo-Christian tradition,”  where “Christianity is the norm” and “anything other than Judeo–Christian tradition is foreign,” “no tolerance for deviation from single god concept,” and attention to a “nuclear family” where the “husband is breadwinner and head of household” while the “wife is homemaker and subordinate to husband” (as much a feature of traditional African society as traditional Christian European society). 

Christianity at its inception was as African as it was European. Moreover, Christianity continues to flourish in both African and African-American societies, more so than it does in modern white European society. Africa today is as Christian as it is Muslim (about 40-45% each). Eighty-five percent of the African-American population identifies as Christian, as opposed to 1% Muslim, 1% other religions, 11% unaffiliated, and 2% agnostic or atheist. So how is Christianity and “whiteness” coterminous?…

And what about the charge of “Aggressiveness”?

That is not a feature of the intolerant hard-left “Black Lives Matter” organization and “Antifa”? Many black groups on college campuses are very antagonistic toward other blacks (to say nothing of whites) who don’t adopt their narrow hard-left party line. African Americans in this country also account for 52% of all murder, voluntary manslaughter, and robbery (theft with intimidation and violence). Does that count as “aggressiveness”?

Again, if you are not aware of what we are up against in this next election, then get yourself educated. Never-Trumpers are worse than our Democrat enemies. They are naïve at best and downright delusional at worst.