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Many people and organizations including our own are calling for a political revival back to the form of government that our Founding Fathers established.  However, when examining the history of God’s people in His Word, it has become clearly obvious that before we can ask God to heal our land that we first need to heal the Church.

By Church, I am referring to the 77% of Americans that identified themselves as Christians in a Gallup Poll released April 10, 2009.  (Sadly, that figure has dropped from the 91% in 1948.)  If the three-fourths of the American population actually lived a true Christian life, our nation would not be suffering the wrath of God that we are currently under.  If these Christians lived their lives like 77% of Muslims or Buddhists, or Sikhs, or other religions do, we would still be the Christian nation that our Founders established it to be.

Unfortunately, the Church in America has been silent and inactive in the political arena for the past 60 years.  Its silence has allowed the vocal minorities to be heard and push through legislation after legislation that has undermined and replaced the Word of God with the immoral and hedonistic desires of a godless few.

In addition to allowing this godless minority to take control of our nation, now we have a leadership that is not only ignoring the words, writings and intent of our Founding Fathers, but is looking to other nations that do not have the same Christian foundation that America has, to be our examples to follow and this is not the first time in history this has happened.  In 2 Kings 17:15 we read, They despised his statutes and his covenant that he made with their fathers and the warnings that he gave them. They went after false idols and became false, and they followed the nations that were around them, concerning whom the LORD had commanded them that they should not do like them.

Obama has used the examples of Canada and Europe to help justify his efforts to turn America into a socialistic nation.  Once again, when we turn to God’s Word, we see that God even warns us about how foolish it is to look to these other nations in 1 Cor. 1:20, Where is the one who is wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

And when our leaders ignore God’s warnings, we see that God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, (2 Thess. 2:11) and They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart, (Eph. 4:18).

The consequences of a nation turning from God to the wicked ways of man results in God’s wrath and judgment.  If you don’t believe that the United States of America is currently under God’s judgment, then I strongly urge you to read Romans 1:18-32.  Three times it says that because we do this, God turns us over to that.  My fellow American, what I read in the last half of Romans 1 describes our nation in every way.

I recently met a gentleman that had served in the U.S. Marine Corp a few years back.  He had been stationed overseas for 4 years and then returned to a duty post in the Washington D.C. area.  He told me that when he returned to the U.S. that he was shocked to see how far it had declined in morality and godliness.  He told me that we had become a nation of lust, perversion, and hedonism unlike anything he had seen overseas and it saddened him to his very heart to realize that this is what he had been defending with his life.

Psalm 11:3 tell us that if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? I contend that our foundations are being destroyed and replaced with a godless socialist foundation that has a 100% failure rate everywhere else it has been tried in the world.  It was tried in Soviet Russia and it failed.  It was tried in China and it failed.  It was tried in Poland and it failed. It was tried in North Korea and it failed, and the list goes on.

I run into people every day that say that it is too late and that things have gone too far and that one or two people cannot change anything.  In response, I tell them that George Washington lost every battle that he fought in and lead troops in until he crossed the Delaware River and captured the Hessian troops and eventually won the Revolutionary War.  Like Winston Churchill, Washington never gave in and never gave up.

We may have lost some battles, but we have not lost the war.  However, in order to win the war to save America from the complete destruction of the current political machine, the Church or the people, need to follow the instructions of 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Humble. Pray. Seek. Turn.  Four steps to healing the Church and our nation.

Humble. Have you ever read about a small shepherd boy named David?  He wasn’t tall in stature and considered himself least among his father’s sons.  He sought not fortune or fame, but because he regularly humbled himself before God, God raised him up to be one of the greatest kings of all time.

Pray. George Müller.  If you don’t know who George Müller is, then read George Müller of Bristol by Arthur Tappan Pierson (available online at:  George Müller established an orphanage in England in the middle 1800’s.  Time after time, Müller would sit the children down to the table for a meal when he knew he had no food to feed them nor any funds to purchase food for them.  Never-the-less, he would sit them down and lift up a prayer to God thanking Him for their blessings and for providing for them and time and time again, by the time he finished praying, someone would be at the door of the orphanage with enough food to go around.  Müller was a true man of prayer and his biography is a testimony as to the power of prayer, especially when offered by someone that has humbled themselves before the Lord.

Seek. Jehoshaphat  did not seek out the false gods and idols of those around him, but sought after God.  In return, God blessed the kingdom of Judah under Jehoshaphat’s rule.  (2 Chron. 17:3-5)

Turn. Not long after Jesus had been crucified and had risen from the grave, a Pharisee by the name of Saul set out to find and destroy those that professed a faith in Jesus as the Messiah.  However, on the road to Damascus, Saul was blinded by a vision from God and he turned from his ways of persecution to become Paul, one of the greatest apostles of Jesus Christ.

As a people, a Church and a nation, we need to humble ourselves like David, pray like George Müller, seekafter God’s ways like Jehoshaphat and turn from our wicked ways like Paul.  Then and only then can we have any hope of God healing our land and returning it to the Christian nation of our Founding Fathers.

If we don’t humble ourselves, pray and seek after God and turn from our wicked ways, then our children will be asking us the same thing that God asked the people in the time of Jeremiah, what wrong did your fathers find in me that they went far from me, and went after worthlessness, and became worthless? (Jer. 2:5)

Join us in our efforts to revive the Church and heal our great land by supporting us with your prayers and finances.  Prayer is the greatest tool that we have to use in this war to save our nation.  And unfortunately, it requires financial funding to wage this war and get the Word out to those that need to hear it.

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