Why are you here? What is your purpose? Are Christians meant to eke out a passive existence in this life while they wait to die and go to heaven… or is there something more? The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:28 that God created us to multiply, fill the earth, and take dominion of His creation for His Glory. When Jesus came to earth, He gave his disciples the Great Commission and told them to make disciples of all nations, baptize them, and teach them to obey all that he had commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). These two mandates form the basis for why Christ’s Church exists on this planet. Every square inch of this world belongs to King Jesus. It is our privilege to serve Him by exercising servanthood dominion in every area of life. This is the underlying theme of American Vision’s Super and Regional Worldview Conferences.

What You Need to Host a Regional Conference

*    A host church large enough to comfortably seat 500 and provide a large area to offer AV and other sponsors materials/resources, within 10-15 minutes of several lodging and culinary options for the convenience of attendees *    One specific coordinator from the nearby area who will communicate regularly with AV event staff to ensure that you and your attendees will have a successful conference *    Two - three days during the Spring/Summer/Fall which do not coincide with any other AV or host church events *    Three – five local or national sponsoring ministries/organizations/companies who will be involved in displaying/selling at the event, as well as being listed on the AV website and email advertising with their link/logo, potentially have promotional materials provided to each attendee at the event, etc. *    Five – ten volunteers from the local area willing to provide transportation assistance, meals, attendee hosting, store setup *    (Recommended) One – two requested speakers/performers who will align with the theme/topic, preferably located within the nearest 6 states *    (Recommended) A mailing list of emails / addresses of at least 200 family units in the area (churches, educators, patriots, church leaders, organizations) for promoting the conference locally

What AV Will Provide

*    Assistance from our event coordinating team, primarily via email (events@americanvision.org) *    One – two speakers from AV staff free of charge to speak one – three times each *    Coordination of one – two additional speakers and/or performers, based on sponsorships granted to the event from other ministries/companies/organizations (sponsorships must provide enough funds for honorariums and travel costs of non-AV speakers) *    One email promoting the conference to AV’s readers/supporters located in the 6 nearest states *    One event listing on the AV website with complete details *    Setup of conference registration site which includes credit card processing *    Coordination of travel and lodging arrangements for all speakers *    A selection of AV products will be available for sale

Further Details

AV retains the right to record all sessions and make them available for promotional use and/or for sale.

The First Step

Send an email to: events@americanvision.org and let us know of your interest in hosting a Regional Worldview conference.