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Why We Need Rich People

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"Washington wants only more of some people's money... Out of envy, they are saying, 'Yes. Tax those people at the top.'"

Why are the prices so good in America for many commodities? Why are there enough jobs to go around? Why is it that in communist countries there's no economic innovation? Thank the wealthy. Gary points out the 'wealth of benefits' in having the rich people around. "It's such a basic point of economic systems that there's no wonder why the liberals don't understand it."

Then, Gary examines the ins and outs of tax exempt status for churches through 501C3 status and how it inhibits pastors from preaching all that they are called to. He reviews the history of this loss of liberty beginning with the fateful turn of events that took place during the infamous Scopes Trial of 1925.

Gary covers all this and more in another colorful Christian worldview examination of religion, culture and politics in this episode of The Gary DeMar Show.

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