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Gay Marriage Chaos

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"What's wrong with adult-child sex?" the college student asked me, "We read in an American Psychological Association report that it could be beneficial for children." Thus began the Q & A session of my talk "Preserving the Traditional Marriage" at Indiana University, home of the Kinsey Institute. It became clear that "gay marriage" was not the end, but the beginning of an agenda to change our entire cultural. The ACLU, for example, is not only defending NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), which advocates the removal of all laws against incest, prostitution and age of consent, but the ACLU is also working to remove laws against polygamy.

If what was unimaginable a generation ago is reality today, where will America be a generation from now? Group marriages? Alternative Bisexual marriages, Children as sex toys? Don't think it can't happen. For 5,000 years, the overwhelming majority of the civilized world has defined marriage as one man and one woman. Indeed, the original 1856 Republican Party Platform defended marriage and called for elimination of "those two relics of barbarism - slavery and polygamy."

The Supreme Court in Murphy v. Ramsey (1885) wrote:

"Certainly no legislation can be supposed more wholesome...than that which seeks to establish it on the basis of the family, as consisting in and springing from the union for life of one man and one woman in the holy estate of matrimony."

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, President Bush said: "I will support a constitutional amendment which would honor marriage between a man and a woman."

Senator Joseph Lieberman took criticism from Democrat supporters when he stated August 1, 2003: "I do believe marriage should remain uniquely a union as it has traditionally been of a man and a woman.”

In disbelief at the liberal agenda embraced by these Indiana University students, I explained that the adult-child sex study they cited has been discredited by the scientific community as unreliable since it was not a random sampling. I then shared statistics showing children in homosexual home situations are more likely to engage in sexual activity and experimentation, and, as a result, be more at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Also, whereas two percent of the population at large are homosexual, nearly ten percent of children raised in homosexual homes become homosexual.

I asked this student if he thought there were homosexual individuals who desired to sexually abuse children and wouldn't they be the first in line to want to adopt children. He said “maybe.” I asked him who is going to police to make sure pedophiles don't adopt. He said that would be impossible. "Exactly my point," I answered, "it would be impossible. There would be no way to protect children from sexual predators if homosexuals were allowed to marry and adopt."

He stated that sexual abuse occurs in heterosexual homes too. I responded there was statistically far less abuse in traditional homes with monogamous heterosexual parents than in homosexual home situations.
“Besides,” I asked, “what do you observe in nature? A male whale and a female whale have baby whales, a male wolf and a female wolf have baby wolves…We must give Mother Nature some credit for what is best – all creation testifies that it takes a male and a female to bring forth offspring. This is what is natural – and by default, anything else is unnatural. The Declaration of Independence even refers to “Laws of Nature.”

This does not mean that a child who overcomes great obstacles by growing up in an unnatural home setting cannot do great things with their lives – they certainly can, but by the same token we should not surrender the ideal, we should not stop doing what we can to help each child grow up in a safe neighborhood, have health insurance, have warm meals, and have a natural mommy and a daddy. If gay marriage were allowed, in time we would see that the real losers would be innocent, vulnerable children.

A while later, I was interviewed on the “Adler Online” radio program in Winnipeg, Canada, where the other guest was a homosexual man who taught diversity classes and had just married his boyfriend. He argued that I should not push my religious views on him by opposing homosexuals marrying and adopting, to which I responded “What is best for the child? I heard that even if homosexuals marry, they still can have other partners.” He explained that is known as an “open marriage.” I continued with reports that some male homosexuals have as many as 500 or a 1,000 partners in their life time. He quipped “Well, they’ve been busy!”

I asked him how many partners he has had. He countered “How many partners have you had?” I responded “One – my beautiful wife of 23 years!” He chuckled and said he had many more than that. Then I asked if the next step in his agenda would be to legitimize polygamous gay marriages, to which he responded “Well, polygamy is accepted in other cultures around the world and all the Judeo-Christian patriarchs were polygamous.” I interrupted “Not Christian.” “Well,” he responded, “Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon all were polygamists.”

I asked him to give me just one Scripture from the Old Testament where God said it was OK to have polygamous gay marriages, to which he answered that some rabbi said “God made all things good.” I answered “Now you are the one pushing your religious views on everyone else!” No one is telling homosexuals what they can or cannot do with each other in the privacy of their own homes, but it seems irresponsible for homosexuals to force the rest of the country into social chaos.

President Theodore Roosevelt stated in his Message to Congress, January 30, 1905: "The institution of marriage is, of course, at the very foundation of our social organization, and all influences that affect that institution are of vital concern to the people of the whole country." President Theodore Roosevelt added in his 6th Annual Message to Congress, December 3, 1906:

“There is nothing so vitally essential to the welfare of the nation, nothing around which the nation should so bend itself to throw every safeguard, as the home life of the average citizen....When home ties are loosened; when men and women cease to regard a worthy family life, with all its duties fully performed, and all its responsibilities lived up to, as the life best worth living; then evil days for the commonwealth are at hand.”

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