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We Need Watchmen to Sound the Alarm

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In recent months, I’ve been noticing how young families are taking action within their own circles of influence to return our nation to its founding principles. They’re learning that the place to start is in the home. They understand that to rebuild a nation a proper foundation must be laid. The leadership we have in Washington and in our state houses is a reflection of what we have in our homes. Change the family and you will change the nation. G. K. Chesterton said it well “The most extra extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.” So what do you think will happen when we have extraordinary men, women, and children? Last week I spoke at a gathering of concerned Christians who can no longer remain quiet and passive. The event was sponsored by Julian and Valerie Head of Franklin, Tennessee. Valerie opened the evening with a statement of her own. With her permission, I’ve reproduced it below.

—Gary DeMar

We want to thank each of you for coming tonight, we are the Head Family. Standing with my husband, Julian, and me is our Posterity, Rose, Sonny and Andy. These are who our Constitution and Declaration of Independence were designed to protect and provide for. And that brings me to why we are here, because that protection and provision have ceased.

Nothing New is Under the Sun. The church is today, as it was in the days of Peter and John, held captive by the Romans, “allowing” us to practice our religion as long as it does not conflict with Rome’s teachings, as long as we conform to their education. We have been told they will not tolerate our intolerance. So, like the Sanhedrin, we have learned how to practice within their boundaries, not stirring their anger against us. From our pulpits we teach relativism that we all worship and serve the same god! That we should be tolerant, learn from one another, and that there is not one absolute truth!

We refrain from issues that might single us out as radical, judgmental, or intolerant, issues such as teaching a literal six-day creation, young Earth position and pointing out sinful practices and unjust laws practiced by our government and its leaders. We have been told we can’t have the Ten Commandments posted or speak the name of Jesus in any government building. Thank God HIS WORDS have been etched in stone all over the Nation’s Capitol because “IF THESE MEN ARE SILENT, THE VERY STONES WILL CRY OUT.”

I believe we need a “WARRIOR” mentality, willing to die for the cause of Christ, or at least be willing to suffer a little criticism. Second Timothy 3:12 says that ALL WHO DESIRE TO WALK WITH CHRIST, WILL BE PERSECUTED. Our Founding Fathers well understood that this was a battle that would require every generation to contend with it, in order to preserve our God-given Liberties. As in the War for Independence, this is not an offensive war; this is a defensive war. America did not fire the first shot then, nor have we today. Do not be deceived, this battle is of a spiritual nature; it has existed since the Garden of Eden. And let me be clear, this battle is NOT against the “institution of government” which is established by God but against those leaders who have themselves rebelled against God and have ceased to be “a minister of God,” serving God by promoting the good and punishing the evil and using “just weights and measures.”

We no longer hold weekly Sunday services in the U.S. Capitol. Some elected officials can even take their oath of office using the Koran. We invite Hindu Priests to pray over our congress. Will our new national motto be “In gods we trust”? Or will we sign our historical papers “in the Year of our lord Krishna?” Not on my watch. Lord forbid it!!! This country was founded by and for Christianity.

This Nation in two hundred years has outdistanced the world in discoveries and inventions in medicine, housing, education, power-energy, transportation, space, aircraft and agriculture. We’ve been the bread basket of the world; we have created more wealth than all the rest of the world combined. We have fought wars throughout the world in defense of freedom, asking nothing for our efforts and sacrificing the lives of loved ones in return. We have always been the first nation to provide relief in natural calamities, sometimes even providing aid to our enemies. We have given more dollars in aid and relief than most of the world nations combined. And in spite of our efforts, WE ARE THE TARGET OF THE HATE AND ENVY OF MANY IN THE REST OF THE WORLD. Why do you think we have been and acted differently than the rest of the world? Why do you think we are more despised than any other nation?  It is because the Lord built this house, and we have allowed the enemy to plunder what He has given us. It is time that we acknowledge our duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America’s future depends on us accepting and demonstrating God’s government!!!

We need watchmen on the wall to sound the alarm. The enemy has not only approached without warning but has entered our gates, having taught our children, having counseled our leaders and slipped irons on our ankles while we slumbered.

Tonight, our family raised this flag, that my daughter Rose, my little Betsy Ross made. She modeled it after the American Patriots of the Revolution who flew a similar flag over their Navy and Army service men who understood who they are accountable to. It is our family’s appeal to heaven and to God. May He Grant His servants Boldness, to speak the truth in opposition, even when it’s from the Sanhedrin, and May we approach God with sincerity seeking His aid and blessings.

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