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Chill Out About Global Warming

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Socialists use fear tactics to gain public approval for expanded government control of the economy. Their latest scare is global warming. Politicians will use this to impose a host of new energy taxes on the population, promising that this revenue will be spent to stop global warming.

The federal government can’t even balance its budget. Do you really believe they can change the climate?

The Saturday before Easter it was 38 degrees Fahrenheit in Houston. On Easter Monday, while attending my grandson’s baseball game, a Little Leaguer’s mother commented about the cold Easter weekend saying that it was another sign of global warming. Go figure. Now, no matter what happens, be it hurricanes, droughts or blizzards, the commonly accepted thinking is that it must be due to global warming. Intuitively, doesn’t it seem nonsensical to attribute cold weather to global warming?

The funny thing about global warming is that scientists say it has been going on for over 12,000 years. That is when the last Great Ice Age ended and the glaciers that covered the northern part of our nation retreated and melted to form the Great Lakes. Oh yes, there was a Little Ice Age which lasted from the 1300s until 1850. In the 1600s glaciers in the Alps advanced, destroying villages and farms. Since the end of the Little Ice Age, around 1850, we have experienced gradually warming temperatures world wide.

What do you think has the most direct bearing on the earth’s atmospheric temperature? If your answer is the sun, you are correct. Scientists have discovered solar variations which are changes in the amount of radiant energy produced by the sun. Scientific studies demonstrate a strong correlation between solar activity and weather patterns. Solar activity tends to run in cycles, ebbing and flowing much like the tides of the sea.

Since creation, the world has experienced extended periods of warming and cooling due to changes in the sun’s activity. Fossil sedimentation samples indicate that in the past the entire world’s climate was very tropical. Scientists say the Great Ice Age lasted 250,000 years.

Of course, if we were in a period of global cooling, then the socialists would claim that carbon emissions from fossil fuels were the culprit. They would demand more government control of the economy and new taxes on energy use. Remember, the goal of the socialists is to destroy the free enterprise system and in doing so deprive us of our liberty and property.

Allow me to demonstrate the absurdity of the thinking of environmental socialists. They have now targeted carbon dioxide as a culprit causing climate change. Here are the facts: Carbon dioxide is essential to life on this planet. Animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and produce oxygen. It is a part of the cycle of life. Beware! The socialists may one day tax us for exhaling carbon dioxide and polluting the environment.

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