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The Return of the Grinch

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After the elections in 2004, an interesting fact emerged. It became clear that one important reason George Bush won re-election with such a clear mandate was a mainstream backlash against homosexual marriage. This is fascinating in that homosexuality was never a major part of the campaign.

Why did this powerful undercurrent have such an effect on the electorate? Without any warning or fanfare, a majority of voters had reached their tolerance level. They didn't talk about it; they simply did something—they voted. With their vote they said "enough is enough." It takes a lot to move the masses to any action. But in this case the flagrant defiance of the laws by homosexuals and elected officials in granting, performing, and participating in same-sex "weddings" ushered many Americans past their point of tolerance.

I believe a similar dynamic is taking place today regarding the stealing of Christmas. Christians are getting fed up with the gross hypocrisy demonstrated by retailers as they use Christmas for profit, all the while denying the soul of the holiday: Jesus Christ. We Christians are the worst when it comes to standing up for our rights and claiming what is ours. Attention Christians! Christmas is definitely ours. It is the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Certainly unbelievers can enjoy the season and merchants can make their money, but the essence of Christmas is Christ. It is a Christian holiday.

The attack on Christmas is heating up again in 2005. John Gibson of Fox News has released a new book, The War on Christmas. The editorial review of the book says this: Yes, Virginia, there is a war on Christmas. It's the secularization of America's favorite holiday and the ever-stronger push toward a neutered "holiday" season so that non-Christians won't be even the slightest bit offended. This is the goal of the secularists. We need to understand this war, fight it, and win it. We need to get offended. We need to get mad. We need to do something this year to stem this tide toward a totally Christ-less holiday.

The Grinch is back, but this time he's not working alone. Macy's, Target, and many other huge retailers have joined him in efforts to steal the true meaning of the Christmas season and replace it with a secularized, paganized, non-religious holiday. They have to be very careful. In doing so they don't want to lose the massive profits they make by selling Christmas gifts. They want to deny Christ without denying the cash. These efforts add new meaning to the word "hypocrisy."

Few people are more understanding, loving, and tolerant than my wife. She works for one of the world's largest retailers where "PC" (politically correct) policies and tolerance for one and all are standard. One day a few years ago she was called to a meeting. On the agenda for that meeting was the task of coming up with a name for their Christmas party other than the "Christmas party." Why? "We don't want to offend anyone." The definition of the word "anyone" is any human being who is not a Christian. It's okay to offend Christians. This is why I think Christians are at their tolerance point and are ready to stand up and fight back.

During this meeting, the banter evoked several different ideas. One person suggested calling the Christmas party "The Holiday Party." Another suggested the "Winter Solstice Celebration." Finally, my wife reached her limit. She rebuked the entire group by saying, "Christmas is my holiday, and you are hijacking it. You are so worried about offending someone. Well, I am a Christian—and you have offended me!" You go, girl!

I just turned 58; so the majority of my childhood was spent during the fifties. I can remember many trips to downtown Atlanta when my parents would take me to see the Christmas lights and, of course, Santa Claus. Even though Santa got a lot of attention in those days, so did Jesus. There were manger scenes in most department store windows—including Macy's. You would even find Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus on the courthouse squares. No one was filing lawsuits. It was Christmas!

Have you had enough? Are you tired of letting others capitalize on your holiday while denying the Christ it represents? Are you willing to stand up for Christ at Christmas? If so, let's do something and do it now. Let me suggest a plan of action. This Christmas, don't spend your money at stores who won't allow their employees to wish you a "Merry Christmas." "Happy Holidays" is a PC copout. Don't invest in companies who won't let the Salvation Army ring their bells outside their doors as they have for decades. Let store management know that in their attempts to not offend anyone, they are offending you. Christians spend a lot of money during the Christmas. We have a choice of "where" to spend our hard-earned money.

Finally, tell others what you are doing. Share your efforts in your Sunday school class and at church. Inform you family members and friends. Together we can make a big, big difference. You won't be alone in your efforts. There is an alliance building right now among major Christian ministries—such as the American Family Association (AFA)—to identify and target those companies who want our money but not our Christ.

Begin praying now. This is not just another economic boycott effort. It is a witness to the world that Christmas is important to the world because Christ is important to the world. This is exactly why the world has paused for 2,000 years and acknowledged the baby in a manger. That little baby has meant billions of dollars to retailers. It is time that they acknowledge Him.

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