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Outlawing America for Gays: Get Involved Before It's Too Late

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Dear People,

If you're a Christian or other decent patriotic American, this should interest you, as your free speech and religious freedoms are being legislated away, and as our time-tested moral rectitudes become moral incertitudes. Illinois recently passed a   “gay rights” bill SB-3186, and this bill sets another precedent that will affect all Americans, especially faith-based groups. I’ve heard many people say “It can’t happen here. ”As I've stated many times, and as Dr. Alan Keyes has passionately and eloquently stated many more times than that, it IS happening here, and it will continue to happen here unless we stand up now and stand up repeatedly. “Here” will one day become your state if this is not stopped. If you care for your free speech and religious freedoms—the very reason this country's founders left England centuries ago, then get and stay involved.  

Get involved now before it becomes illegal to get involved (It’s already unfashionable). “That can't happen here,” you say again? Not in America; not in your state? We're one of the few nations on the face of the earth to allow political protest and public dissent. Most nations did not—and do not—tolerate it, and some did only up to the point where it ceased to serve the government’s political needs. All through history governments discouraged and punished dissent—they called it sedition or insurrection. It's already against the law to say that homosexuality is wrong in Pennsylvania (as in Canada), where a pastor was locked up and charged with numerous counts of hate speech for stating the precept that homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible. Why not similarly lock up the non-Christians and “gays” who say that Christians are wrong? Not hate-speech in that case? Double standards abound.

The American experiment in democracy is a relatively new thing to the world, and very brief in its existence on the world stage. If the Liberal Left's agenda will not be accepted by the heartland—and it won't—then their goal is to force it upon you using the full force of law, as has already happened in some places. The great experiment will begin to end.

We must all act before our freedom to speak out has been completely taken away from us. If the freedom to speak out in public is taken away, what unobjectionable avenues for political dissent will be left? Not many. The Liberal Left knows this. What’s next, prohibitions against speaking out in private—children turning in their parents? It’s happened before. One of the great mistakes of civilization is to see a clear and present danger and yet say “It can’t happen here.” It has, it is, and it will.

The many are being ruled by the few; ineffect, a tyranny. Approximately eighty-two percent of Americans describe themselves as Christian, yet this overwhelming majority is being ruled by an extremely small and militant liberal minority. What makes this even worse is that a large percentage of non-Christians are also opposed to “gay” marriage and special “gay” rights. It’s a tyranny, plain and simple. To reverse this tragic and unconstitutional course of affairs, take a few minutes out of every week or month and write your representatives. The Liberal Left is, and the squeaky wheel got the grease.

The Bible frequently seems to be at the core of this debate, and naturally so. Liberals hate the Bible because it's moral certainties say that key elements of their agenda—namely abortion and “gay rights”—are wrong. The Bible also speaks out against another bastion of the democratic party—prolonged government welfare, saying “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat,” but that’s another discussion for another time (I’ll be back). The Liberal Left won't stand for a traditional set of rights and wrongs because they want to outlaw the conscience of the nation. They want to do a bypass on the heart of America. All behavior is acceptable so long as it doesn't "hurt" people. What is hurt? To the Liberal Left, "hurt" apparently means gross physical harm, nothing more.

Define "hurt. "Is a lifetime of emotional hurt, “hurt? ” Is a mother’s lifetime of regret after aborting her baby, "hurt? "After “gay” men in the thousands continue to die of AIDS, is that "hurt? "After your right to free expression is legislated away, is that "hurt? "The great founders of this nation thought that there was enough ”hurt” inflicted on them by the King, regarding free speech and religious liberties, to compel them to flee Old England and come to America despite rampant disease, no existing infrastructure, and a lifetime of toil, the likes of which many of us will never experience. Would it be "hurt" enough once again to not be able to quote the Words of the Creator, as you see fit, in public? I, for one, think so; do you? If so, speak out now.

This is not about civil rights, as the Left would have us believe. It’s about legislating wrong behavior and forcing it down the mouths of everyday decent Americans. The right to pursue happiness is a right guaranteed to all, even for “gays,” but not if it infringes on the rights to happiness or the free speech of others, and this recent Illinois law does just that. It seeks to impose a humanistic morality—in effect, a secular 'religion'—on all the citizens of Illinois. This is what the liberal agenda is about. If you live in other states, this will affect you too, since our system of legal jurisprudence is largely based on precedence. America, wake up!If we allow our elected officials and unelected judges to legislate their concept of morality in stark opposition to the Constitution and the Founder's intents, or against the wishes of the people’s majority, we're on slippery ground.

Finally, the “gay” rights agenda is spearheaded mainly by Democrats. All Democrats are not bad, and no doubt many are sincerely and patriotic, but it is a fact that the recent “gay” rights bill in Illinois—and “gay” rights bills in other states like Massachusetts—were shepherded into law mainly by ELECTED Democrats. Illinois Republicans should be appalled that there was a lack of clear and forceful opposition by their party to this bill. So write your representatives and tell them that you will NOT vote for them if they continue to support and pass, or fail to vigorously oppose, such abysmal legislation. Let them know that you'll actively work against their reelection if they persist on codifying perverted and abominable behaviors, against the wishes of most of the American people. Let them know in no uncertain terms, that their political careers will come to an end if they continue to restrict the free speech of decent Americans. For “We the People” to be effective, “We the People” must speak out.

Self-government is a gift from God, given to few in history. Participate in it. What we feed lives; what we starve, dies. Write your governor, senator and congressman. Then write them again.  

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