As you may know, I’ve returned to the leadership position at American Vision. In October of 2015, the Board accepted my resignation and turned the presidency over to Joel McDurmon. Joel had been working for American Vision for some years before this. I continued to serve on AV’s board, wrote occasional articles, and published a few books.

It has always been difficult to raise money at AV. Our worldview is not popular among non-Christian and some Christian groups. Calling for the restoration of our nation through the proclamation of the gospel and application of God’s Word to every area of life does not sit well with many people, including Christians.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has put AV on its so-called “Hate Map.” This has wreaked havoc on our ability to use several fund-raising platforms.

Of course, the economy is always an issue with up and down swings depending on politics and market gyrations. We know that families have financial responsibilities and priorities.

As a result of a downturn in AV’s finances, the Board has determined that AV’s leadership needed to change to help get us back on more solid financial footing. In a unanimous decision of the Board and Joel’s gracious resignation, I am at the helm to help with fundraising and product development.

To help mitigate some of AV’s financial problems, I am not taking a salary. As I mentioned in a previous letter, I am working on several projects, doing radio interviews, and finishing up some book projects. I’m traveling at the end of this month to produce two video projects as well as meeting with people to help advance AV’s presence in the broader Christian market.

Let me be clear that Joel’s resignation had nothing to do with any impropriety on his part. Joel has been an exemplary employee and officer at American Vision. Doing research and writing are difficult tasks. Adding the responsibility of raising funds is nearly impossible to accomplish. Something had to give. The only place we could make a cut was in the financial area of Joel’s salary.

Joel is a good friend, colleague, and scholar who will continue to contribute to the work of the kingdom through his writing, speaking, and debates.

Gary DeMar

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