New! A brand new, modern typeface edition of Abraham Kuyper’s classic Lectures on Calvinism, applying TULIP as a comprehensive worldview. . . .

Calvinism is not just five points, but is, as Dr. Kuyper makes clear, a whole, complete, coherent worldview. These Lectures represent the “next step” in Calvinism for those who have learned the five points, the doctrines of grace, and are ready to move on to the more developed meaning of those doctrines for the rest of the Christian worldview. Here you will find perhaps the most classic, single-volume exposition of just that: the doctrine and meaning of Calvinism expanded into a whole system of thought, in this case expressed in six areas of life: worldview, religion, politics, science, art, and the future.

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Throughout these lectures, Dr. Kuyper contrasts the glories of Calvinism, as biblical Christianity itself, over against various versions of humanism, pagan- ism, pantheism, mysticism, and more, often including key differences in each area with Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, Anabaptism, and liberal Christianity. The reader will be awakened to many developments in history they probably did not know stemmed directly from one of these religious worldviews, and how Calvinism not only corrects the errors, but lays the positive foundations for the values and institutions the free world holds most dear.

Dr. Kuyper’s acumen in developing the various features in each area is not only highly edifying, it is sometimes so great that he is able to mature some areas left undeveloped by Calvin himself. The reader will encounter, for example, a plea for liberty of conscience over against a society which put Servetus to the flames with approval from nearly all quarters, including, obviously, Calvinists. Dr. Kuyper, however, shows how the perpetrators of that misfortune acted consistently with the “Romish” system of Constantine which they had inherited, and which, as he also shows, was inconsistent with the very principles upon which they had founded their Reformation.

Abraham Kuyper  delivered these Lectures on Calvinism at Princeton Seminary in 1898. This edition is based upon the original printing published that same year, but has been mildly edited for modern readers.

The substance of the text, of course, remains unaltered, but we have updated punctuation and, in some cases, changed sentence structure or language for smoother English. We have attempted to make a valuable modern edition while remaining largely unobtrusive to the original.

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