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Something Greater is Here is perhaps the best brief introduction to the comprehensive nature of the Reformed faith that I’ve seen. In short, simple chapters, each laced with Bible references, Gary DeMar introduces the true breadth of biblical worldview in a common sense way to which most of today’s Bible-believing Christians can relate. It’s perfect for handing out to your evangelical or dispensational friends, reviewing in small groups, or just getting a refresher for yourself. Simple, straightforward, wonderful.” —Joel McDurmon

From within:

by Gary DeMar

It’s time Christians begin to understand what’s at stake. There is a battle going on. In many cases, the fire is coming from within the camp. Mil­lions of Christians say they believe the Bible is the Word of God, that it’s inerrant and infallible. But when it comes to using the Bible as a blueprint for living, they begin to take out their scissors. You’ve heard the objec­tions:

  • The Old Testament doesn’t apply in the church age.
  • You can’t put a non-Christian under Biblical law.
  • We’re under grace, not law.

These objections are myths, or at best, dangerous half-truths. A lack of a comprehensive Biblical worldview has left Christians open to a blind-side attack from humanists who have developed a comprehensive secular worldview.

The Biblical worldview presents the truth that history is moving for­ward, and every Christian is responsible before God to show himself a good and faithful steward of his God-given gifts. It’s time Christians embrace this great calling.

Christian Reconstruction

“Christian Reconstruction” is not a move­ment in the strict sense. There is no central director, no overall, tightly controlled strategy. What unites “Reconstructionists” is their commitment to certain distinctive doctrines.

The “Reconstructionist Movement” embraces numerous schol­ars and writers as well as many pastors and teachers who are also sympathetic to the main thrust of Christian Reconstruction. Many of the teachings of “Christian Reconstructionists” are developments of particular Reformed doctrines that find their best expression in the confessional standards of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

In particular, Reconstructionists believe in the sovereignty of God as it relates to personal salvation and all aspects of the created order, the old Puritan belief in the continuing significance of the Old Testament case laws, a victorious view of the future prog­ress of the kingdom of God, and the presuppositional apologetic methodology and philosophy of the late Cornelius Van Til.

Moreover, “Reconstructionists” have a broader understanding of the church’s mission in the world. They believe that the gospel commis­sion involves not only saving individuals, which is fundamental and primary, but also the “discipling” of the nations, bringing the nations under the authority of Christ through sacrificial service and the appli­cation of His Word (Matt. 28:18–20).

Something Greater is Here


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