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A reader recently asked me if American Vision produced any resources for presuppositional apologetics. While the immediate answer is “Yes!,” the fact that it was asked made me realize that perhaps a lot of our newer readers are not aware of many of our core, basic, and foundational resources. In the interest of introducing these, we need to take a look together, and please like and share this around with your Christian friends.

The reader asked,

Do you sell something like a textbook or course for presuppositional apologetics? Not only do I want to learn it better, but I have young believers interested in doing a Bible study. I want to start them on presup so that they can start joining me out on the streets! Some DVDs and a book would be awesome.

You bet. American Vision carries some of the most foundational, clear, representative, and straightforward resources available to learn and apply presuppositional apologetics.

For starters, there is the video series by Greg L. Bahnsen, Basic Training Series: Defending the Faith. This product is available in DVD, MP4 download, or streaming video.

In this series, Dr. Bahnsen teaches us how to think and reason as a Christian. God demands our whole mind as well as our heart, and He expects us to be able to give a reasonable defense for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15), defending the truth of the Bible and stopping the mouths of unbelieving worldviews. This 5-part video series will show you how. Talks Include:

  • Part One: The Myth of Neutrality (49 min)
  • Part Two: Introduction to Worldviews (51 min)
  • Part Three: Worldviews in Conflict (53 min)
  • Part Four: Defending the Christian Faith (50 min)
  • Part Five: Problems for Unbelieving Worldviews (90 min)

Slightly more advanced and more detailed is Dr. Bahnsen’s audio series, Defending the Christian Worldview Against All Opposition. This great 22-lecture series packs 600 minutes of audio into a single course, for only $25 right now. gave this series its highest rating for quality, “understandability,” and exceeding expectations, calling it “the best audio set for understanding Presuppositional Apologetics.” Check it out here (including a list of the 22 lecture titles).

What about books? We’ve certainly got many books, too.

First, consider the unique contribution we have on the High School and early collegiate level, titled Pushing the Antithesis. These lessons are well arranged with study questions, a glossary, and bibliographic sources for each study. They were compiled by Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, based upon lectures given by Dr. Bahnsen at American Vision’s Life Preparation Conference in 1995.

For a slightly more advanced presentation, see Dr. Bahnsen’s work, Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended. This masterful work is probably the best one-stop-shop for understanding the method and seeing it in contrast to other prominent examples that have gone by the same name. As we have said before, “If there were only one resource for the exposition and defense of the Reformed presuppositional apologetic, this would be it—by far, its clearest expression by one of the sharpest Christian thinkers of the 20th century.”

Finally, for now, readers may also be interested in my Biblical Logic: In Theory and Practice. This work treats logic and critical thinking from a biblical, presuppositional perspective and then applies it to examples of logical fallacies using real-world examples from all over the intellectual (and not-so-intellectual!) world. I am biased, of course, but I highly recommend this as a companion study to presuppositional apologetics in general.

The interested reader may also want to search the website, for we have many articles on the subject as well. My recent one on evidentialism comes to mind. I am sure there are many others to be found.

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