As I write this, Ohio, Nevada, and New Mexico are still too close to call, at least that’s what the news guys tell us and the Democrats pray is true. The numbers are against John Kerry. He should concede, walk away with dignity, and save the country another agonizing post-election fiasco. My blood pressure can’t take it. Of course, the networks love it. They want to hold everyone in suspense to keep viewership and ad revenues up.

To be honest, I didn’t think Bush would pull it off. There are a lot of stupid people in America. The fact that more than 50 million of them voted for John Kerry is all the evidence you need that public education is America’s number one problem.

This is no time to rest. We bought time with this election; we did not bring in the kingdom. There’s still work to be done. A grave mistake was made after the election of Ronald Reagan. Christians thought the liberals had been routed. No such luck. They are tenacious. They’ll be back, and we’ve got to be ready for them. The 2008 election is closer than you think. It will be Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. Clinton has a good chance of winning because Giuliani supports pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights. Christians will most likely not vote for the top of the ticket if he’s the nominee. But this will be no reason to stay home. We’ll have to double our efforts to get good senators and representatives elected to mute a Clinton administration.

The Youth Vote

We kept hearing about how young people would make a difference in this election. It never happened. The 19 to 29 year-old-vote was around 10%. After “Rock the Vote” drives, Bruce Springsteen doing free concerts, and other high profile rockers striking up the band for Kerry, the effort fell flat. It wasn’t much better among conservative youth. There is a great opportunity here for Christians. Just think how America would change if youth workers got their kids to the polls. This is an untapped market. Let’s use those church buses for something worthwhile. Pastors, teach your congregations about what the Bible says about government. If you need help, American Vision has published the three-volume God and Government series. I’ll even come to your church and do a seminar. Politics is serious business.

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Exit Polls

They should be outlawed. I’m almost convinced that there was purpose in the early polls showing Kerry with a substantial lead. The media are liberal. Nearly 90% vote liberal. Their goal was to discourage Republican voters. There’s no way to prove this, but the way the media have handled the two candidates—iron fist and velvet glove—I’m suspicious. Election results should be outlawed until the stroke of midnight. Another thing, if a person shows up at the wrong polling place or is not registered to vote on election day, he should not be permitted to vote.


Alan Keyes made a big mistake running for the Senate in Illinois. No one likes a Carpetbagger. I’m not sure if I would have voted for him. If we bristle at what Europeans think of our candidates, I can bet you that the people of Illinois did not like it when some guy from Maryland, who had never won a race in his home state, came to their state telling them that he was the better man. If the Republican Party in Illinois could not field a viable candidate, then they should have conceded the election.

A Bigger Victory than the Numbers Suggest

As it looks right now, George W. Bush won the popular vote by about 3 percentage points over John Kerry. One article I saw gave Bush more votes than any previous president, including Ronald Reagan: 57 million to 54 million. It’s been 16 years since a president has gotten more than 50% of the vote. Clinton never got near 50%. Bush’s victory is impressive given the following:

  • The majority of the media lined up against Bush.
  • The intellectual elites had come out against Bush.
  • Almost no good news had been reported out of Iraq by the mainstream press.
  • Hardly a good word was heard from the foreign press.
  • The unregulated 527s (e.g., poured millions of dollars in a campaign to defeat the president.
  • Multi-billionaire George Soros spent millions to oust Bush.
  • The relentless negative campaigning strategy of the Democrats was vicious and fraudulent.
  • The line from The Sixth Sense is a perennial favorite of the Democrats: “I see dead people voting.” Voter fraud is a problem for any conservative candidate.
  • Nearly 90% of Blacks vote for the Democrat candidate.
  • Jews generally vote for the Democrat candidate.
  • Unions vote heavily for the Democrat candidate.
  • Christians are underrepresented at the polls.
  • A substantial block of conservatives are opposed to the war in Iraq, deficit spending, and slow progress on social issues.

America may be a divided nation, but given that these voting trends are stacked against any conservative candidate even before he begins to campaign, it’s remarkable that Bush won.

The Map

The Blue/Red map has become an election fixture. It shows that liberalism is dominated by big cities and the African-American vote. They have big government in common. Blacks are still voting for Democrats because JFK visited MLK when he was in prison. That was more than 40 years ago. Those days are long gone. Democrats have made many Blacks slaves of the state. Generally speaking, if you—black, brown, red, or white—are not doing well in America, it’s your fault. Quit blaming the white man or any man for that matter.

The Sleeper Issue

George Bush would not have won the election if the homosexual issue had not been on the ballot in several key states. Every anti-homosexual marriage amendment passed by large margins.

Even liberal Oregon joined the anti-homosexual-marriage club. Rudy Giuliani, take notice. One homosexual advocate lamented the outcome of the vote by claiming, “It’s wrong to put a fundamental human right up for a popular vote.” He’s right. The problem is, sodomy is not a human right. The American people do not want homosexual marriages. Period. Will this stop homosexuals? Do they understand the election results? No. They will go to the courts to get these ballot measures overturned. If there was any reason to keep George Bush in office, it’s the judges. Presidents get a maximum of four years; judges are for life. Homosexual marriage was the one issue that transcended party affiliation and race. It’s too bad that Blacks, who are generally conservative on social issues like abortion and homosexuality, don’t understand that morality and economics go together.

Third-Party Candidates

America is a two-party system. There’s nothing constitutional about this, but it’s the way it is. No third-party candidate is going to win a national election. When they start winning local elections, give me a call. Why reinvent the wheel? You have a better chance taking over an existing party than starting your own. If you don’t have enough support to remake the Republican or Democrat parties, what makes you think you can create a competing party?