Surveys conducted after the election show that morality topped the list of important issues that brought voters to the polls. This astounded the press in England. Europe no longer has a moral center. In time, if population trends continue, Eurabia will be a reality in 30 years. Islam, as twisted a religion as it is when practiced by its extreme elements, believes in moral absolutes. Muslims have a reason to live beyond the next fashion show, broadway play, celerity marriage or who’s having whose baby out of wedlock.

The anti-homosexual marriage measures that overwhelming passed in 11 states ought to serve as a wake-up call to political advisors who warn conservative candidates that elections are won by moving to the moral middle. If you want to lose your base, become a centrist.

This brings me to Arlen Specter, the senior senator from Pennsylvania. He’s a Republican. Specter had a tough primary race against a pro-life opponent. Rick Santorum, the junior Senator from the Keystone State, who got into office because of his moral stands against abortion and homosexuality, supported Specter. Even President Bush came out for Specter. But Specter is expected to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. He will be the judicial gatekeeper, and he has warned the president that he will not allow pro-life judges through the gate. This he said just one day after the election.

He must be stopped. It was Specter who killed Robert Bork’s nomination under Ronald Reagan. Specter considers the right to kill pre-born babies as a moderate position.

So while conservatives are basking in the euphoria of four more years of liberals out of power, it is time to get back in the game for one more fight. Arlen Specter must be stopped from heading the Judiciary Committee. This will mean contacting your Senators, and in a nice way, remind them how and why they got elected. Don’t give them time to breathe. Remind them that you have a long memory. Moral issues count for votes. In two years, a third of the Senate will be up for reelection.

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The courts have become the nation’s true quagmire. The Supreme Court needs to be brought back to its constitutional duties and limits. No more lawmaking from the bench.

I’m still getting emails from third-party advocates who believe they did the right thing in voting for a third-party candidate. (Third party candidates got a total of less than one percent of the vote.) Let’s suppose that a third party candidate had won on November 2. How would this change things? Would abortion be outlawed? No. He might be able to start some legal nuisance, but in the end he would be blocked by the courts. He would have two parties lined up against him. The press would be unmerciful. Arlen Specter would still be up for chairman of the judicial committee. If he didn’t get impeached, he would be effectively neutered politically. He would be a lame duck right after he took the oath of office.

Nations change from the bottom up, not the top down. Christians need to understand government and demonstrated that they are good governors before a nation is going to entrust them with power. We have a lot of work to do. Some day a third party might be a reality. But this isn’t the day.