In yesterday’s web article, I issued a call to action to put the brakes on Arlen Spector’s elevation to the head of the Judiciary Committee. Apparently others had the same idea. Spector has backed off his comments, even denying that he ever said them. There is a new day in Washington as the media pundits are falling all over themselves trying to figure out the “values vote.” Democrat spinners are claiming that their message needed better packaging. Their message was the packaging. The majority of voters knew exactly what the liberals wanted to do. Some Republicans believe that they did a better job at getting their people to the polls. True. But it was the moral message that motivated them to vote.

This brings me to Colorado. Why did Pete Coors lose when George Bush won the state? What made the difference in a tight race with his Democrat challenger? A little neo-conservative history might help. Pete Coors’ uncle (Adolf) and father (Joseph) have been contributors to conservative causes for decades. It was Joseph Coors who helped to fund the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation. Pete Coors himself has been active in conservative causes for some time.

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But there’s a twist. Pete Coors became Chairman of the Coors Brewing Company in 1993. It was during this time the Coors adopted a “Gay friendly” working environment. In fact, it was Pete Coors who worked to patch up things with the homosexual community because of a “gay” boycott of Coors Beer because of its earlier anti-homosexual hiring policies. Pete Coors even went to “gay” bars to promote his product.

This hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by the homosexual community and the Christian community. The brewing company has come out in favor of homosexual marriages, while Pete Coors opposes them. But it was Pete Coors who turned his own brewery into a “gay-friendly” company.

One more bit of Coors trivia. Mary Cheney, the self-avowed lesbian daughter of Dick and Lynne Cheney, was hired by Coors to work as a “gay” community liaison for the Coors Brewing Company. Prior to running for the Senate, Pete Coors attempted to separate morality and politics: “One is business, the other is politics.” It didn’t work. Coors’ Democrat challenger took advantage of the Coors “gay connection.” Salazar’s campaign ran ads showing a Coors’ sponsored “gay festival” in Canada. It did the trick.

Sometimes it’s best when one of our guys loses an election. There is a lesson here for all politicians. Values matter.