One distraught voter drove to Ground Zero and killed himself after he learned that John Kerry had lost the election. He was only 25. It’s a shame that government has become a god to so many. The disillusionment that comes when your god turns out to be a well-constructed fiction can be devastating.

While no editorial writers have done themselves in over the election results, many of them are grieving and writing foolish things. If they haven’t killed themselves, they certainly are killing their reputations as clear thinkers.

Thomas Friedman, who writes for the New York Times, needs to be put on a suicide watch. He just doesn’t understand how Bush won given the Iraq war and the “stagnant economy.” The economy is in great shape considering 9-11. The unemployment rate is around 5.4%. In case we’ve forgotten, Global Crossing, Enron, and WorldCom, to name only three companies, had their troubles during the Clinton administration. Accounting firms also toppled as a result of these business scandals.

Friedman wants a “country that does not intrude into people’s sexual preferences and the marriage unions they want to make.” Here he’s describing the anti-homosexual backlash that was so evident at the polls. So what if “sexual preferences” include rape, incest, child molestation, and relationships that embrace polygamy and marrying your own children? Christians oppose homosexual marriage because it is immoral, irrational, illogical, and destructive to the very definition of what constitutes a family.

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Friedman also wants a country “that allows a woman to have control over her body.” As far as I know, this is a reality in America, with the exceptions of suicide, prostitution, and consuming illegal drugs. I see women with tattoos and piercings covering their bodies. Women get plastic surgery and tummy tucks with little interference from the government.

A pre-born baby is not a woman’s body. During an abortion, the “doctor” does not cut the baby from the woman’s own tissue as if it were an abnormal growth. A pre-born baby is a separate life. When will pro-abortionists like Friedman understand this?

Friedman believes the line between church and state has been crossed. Because Christians voted in terms of their values? He needs to be reminded that nearly 90% of the Black vote went to Kerry. Most of these votes were secured in churches where Black ministers actually endorsed Kerry from the pulpit. Then there is the Jewish vote, another religious group that most often votes for the Democrat candidate. There is no constitutional prohibition for voting in terms of religious values. Mr. Friedman should actually read the First Amendment before he writes about it. It prohibits “Congress” from making a law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The last phrase is often lost on pundits like Friedman.

Friedman does not like using religion to divide people. Christianity by its very nature divides. Some things are right and some things are wrong. Liberals believe that they need to get on the moral bandwagon. More power to them. But there is no way to put a smiling face on killing pre-born babies or elevating sodomy as a civil right.