Those familiar with recent history will remember that one of the attack groups that got Chief Justice Roy Moore removed from office was the Southern Poverty Law Center located in Montgomery, Alabama. Richard Cohen, a lawyer for the SPLC, led the charge against Moore. After their success in getting Moore removed, the SPLC, the ACLU, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State sued the state of Alabama to recover more than $500,000 in court costs.

So it’s not enough that these atheistic organizations remove a well-respected, upright, constitutionally knowledgeable chief justice from the bench, but they have the audacity to make the people of Alabama pay for it.

This excursion down memory lane has a purpose. For some reason, my wife received a six-page fund raising letter from the SPLC authored by Toni Morrison, “the first African American to win the Nobel Prize for literature,” she tells us. She also informs us that she loves Morris Dees, the president of the SPLC. She describes him as her “white friend.” Dees is her man because ”he stands up to hate, racism and intolerance with deep passion.”

Actually, when you learn more about the SPLC, you quickly learn that the organization supports abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, and every discredited leftist cause imagninable.

Morrison’s fund raising letter glosses over most of these controversial issues, never mentions the Roy Moore case, and instead focuses on feel-good cases like putting the KKK out of business and protecting Mexican families being terrorized by immigrant-hating vigilante groups.

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Morrison loves the SPLC’s position on “tolerance.” In fact, the SPLC website is filled with links to all kinds of “tolerance.” More than 80,000 schools and over 600,000 educators are using Teaching Tolerance materials. If there was ever a reason to get your children out of public schools, this is it.

Tolerance does not include tolerating the Boy Scouts and their requirement to be “morally straight,” which would include not having homosexual Scout leaders. The SPLC rightly condemns the Roman Catholic Church for its “pedophile” problem, but doesn’t seem to see a connection between homosexual Scout leaders and young boys. The organization is also intolerant of the Boy Scout requirement to believe in God. Tolerance only goes so far with these guys.

Now comes the really irritating thing about the Morrison letter. After a little research, I learned that SPLC has more than 150 million dollars in assets!


What does this organization need with more money? If a similar “flush with cash” situation existed with Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, and they were shilling for even more cash, they would be skinned alive by the press. Give SPLC a call and ask them what they need with so much money.