The battle continues to rage over homosexuality. The good people of Missouri voted to ban same-sex marriage by an overwhelming majority (71% to 29%). Louisiana followed suit by an even larger margin. More than 81% of voters voted to ban same-sex marriages. These numbers are staggering and encouraging.

Don’t think the battle ends with these large majorities. Homosexuals know that the courts are on their side, and they mean to win. Homosexuals know that these (mostly) non-elected judges can be counted on to declare these majority votes “unconstitutional.” We’ve seen it happen after President Bush signed a partial-birth abortion ban. Homosexual opponents of a same-sex marriage ban to the Georgia state constitution have filed a law suit to prohibit a November vote on the issue.

For decades, liberals have found that the courts are the best way to make new law. It took time to pull off the legal coup, but they did it. They realized that they only needed a very small minority of judges to implement their new worldview. First, they secularized the university. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were thriving Christian institutions when they were founded. Today, they are bastions of secularism. These once-prestigious Christian schools have fed our nation’s law schools with brainwashed legal minds.

Second, with their new legal worldview in hand, they aggressively rewrote the law, pontificating from the bench that the biblical basis of law should be removed from the public school and the public square. This had the effect of secularizing and softening up-and-coming generations of young people to more easily adopt the novel legal worldview of “law by personal preference.”

Third, the secularists attacked the unbiblical and unhistorical premise that Christians have no business being involved in social issues as Christians. “Separation of Church and State” became a metaphor for separating God from everything.

Fourth, they convinced enough Christians to believe them on point three that secularism now prevails in America and Europe. Are we surprised that Islamic extremism is dominating the Mideast and Europe, so much so that scholars are writing about the inevitability of the Arabization and Islamization of Europe? ( Moral relativists cannot win the battle against Islam.

The battle over homosexual marriage is a battle for the future of the world. This might sound extreme, but I can assure you that moral relativism can never defeat extremism. It doesn’t have the heart or the will. There is nothing to fight for.

It was not always this way. When Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met off the coast of Newfoundland in August 1941, they attended a church service aboard the HMS Prince of Wales. The Americans and British sang “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” listened to a lesson from the Book of Joshua, and prayed together. “It was a great hour to live,” Churchill is reported to have said. “We are Christian soldiers,” Roosevelt said afterward, “and we will go on, with God’s help.”

The war against tyranny was won because the people of America and Europe, who shared a common worldview at the time, were not just fighting against something, they were fighting for a greater and permanent ideal. Less than a year before, on June 18, 1940, Churchill stated, “The Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.” And he was right. Do we see today’s battles with secularism and moral relativism as any less critical? If we do, we’re doomed.