Paris is burning. The disenfranchised Muslim communities are storming the Bastille of French Socialism. The principles of the French Revolution are coming home to roost. North African Muslims were lured by Europe’s promise of economic Paradise. What they got was warehousing in French ghettos where unemployment is around 30 percent. The enlightened French believed that language, food, and culture could transform any foreigner. They were wrong.

The French believed that if they stayed out of Iraq, they would be rewarded by the Muslim community by being left alone. Muslim radicals saw this as an exploitable weakness. They just needed the right spark to set the fire. They now believe France and maybe Europe can be theirs. It may take burning it down to get it, and that’s OK with them. Like the Communists who believed that once capitalism was done away with their utopian dreams of a new world order would be realized, Muslims believe that once the infidels are destroyed a rich Muslim civilization will rise Phoenix-like from the ashes. The young disenfranchised second-generation Muslims are pawns in the hands of the extremists. They will be used and then discarded.

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Then we read that Sweden, which already has one of the world’s most liberal set of abortion laws, is being called upon to make the procedure even more liberal so any European woman can get an abortion. “We suggest that foreign women be allowed to have abortions in Sweden,” Eva Eriksson told reporters in Stockholm. Sweden has offered free abortions up until the 18th week of pregnancy—no questions asked.

Do you think Muslim women will make a bee-line to Sweden to abort their children? Don’t count on it. They are having children for Allah. What we are learning from the rioting in France is that the Muslim population is not assimilating. The same is happening in the Scandinavian countries. Muslim youths in Demark are claiming the land that they’ve settled on is Muslim land. Where Muslims live, it becomes Muslim land to be ruled by Muslims under Islamic law. Foreigners (Danes) are to stay out. Muslims only have to wait and have more babies.

The slow asphyxiation of Europe has begun. France is in flames, and there are those in Sweden who want to make it easier for women to kill their pre-born babies. America, take notice.