I’ll never forget reading an article in the December 6, 2004 issue of Time by Michelle Cottle, in which she concluded that the battle over morals is over, but the war continues to rage. She saw the pro-homosexual forces winning in the end. She based this on the way the American public is more accepting today of “lifestyle issues” like homosexuality. Will & Grace, a TV show with a flaming homosexual theme, appears each week with little fanfare. This would have been impossible 20 years ago. Then there’s the popular Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the title of which says it all.

So what about these TV shows plus Sex in the City, the bed-hopping Friends, and Desperate Housewives? How do we count for their popularity? Does she have a point? Given the fact that 55 million Americans voted for John Kerry, less than a third of this number watched the top-rated show of 2004, Desperate Housewives, which got an inordinate amount of free publicity because of one raunchy ad that the networks played repeatedly. People were curious. The other 19 of 20 shows were tame by comparison. Law and Order showed up twice. The three major networks are losing audience share. A better question might be: Who’s not watching these shows or not watching anything? There will always be a segment of society that will watch the seamy side of life.

Cottle concluded that “while the Bush White House may be on the side of social conservatives, time is not.” She based this on demographics: younger Americans are generally more accepting of homosexuality than the population in general. Of course, younger Americans are more accepting of drugs, binge drinking, speeding, promiscuous sex, and loud incoherent music. Young people can afford to be accepting when they don’t have children to feed and a mortgage to pay. Generally, people get more conservative as they get older because their responsibilities increase.

Then there’s the baby factor. Homosexuals do not have children; heterosexuals do. Those who support abortion generally have fewer children than those who oppose abortion. Christians are having more children than non-Christians. If these trends continue, America will see a demographic shift in terms of who has the most children. This is why I believe the leftists have such a big problem with Christian families like the Duggars having so many children. The Learning Channel has been running a number of shows about big families (most of them Christian families) such as the Duggars’ 19 Kids & Counting for several years now, and these programs have received high ratings as well.

Liberals are on the losing side of this battle. Birth control, abortion on demand, and the homosexual lifestyle have built-in, self-limiting mechanisms. Already this year polls are showing that a new majority now favors ending abortion. As the Bible says, they will not make further progress for their folly will be obvious to all (2 Tim. 3:9).

Tipping points have a way of reversing themselves. Blue-state liberalism is on the way out if present trends continue. If there is a 30 percent high school drop out rate, and 10 percent of young people are being educated in private schools and at home, and public schools are turning out an inferior product, it stands to reason that the better educated and more responsible students will get the better jobs in the future.

There is a great opportunity here for Christians. Have more babies, encourage your friends to have more babies, start schools to educate this growing generation of young people—or, even better, homeschool your children—and then listen to the cries of “We’re melting. . . We’re melting” from the diminishing leftist worldview.