As you know, American Vision rarely asks for donations. And when we do, all of the donations we receive go 100% to ministry projects and not to staff salaries. Like most Americans, however, many of you are cutting back over concerns about our slowing economy and the upcoming presidential election. We’re not. Now is the time to recapture ground that has been lost to liberals. There’s no better time than now to make a contribution to a ministry that is on the cutting edge of cultural transformation—especially during an election year. That’s why our Board of Directors has graciously agreed to match your donation, dollar for dollar, if it is postmarked by May 31, 2008. While the enemy is retreating and spending precious capital on politics, we are pressing ahead with optimism on several aggressive grassroots projects, including:

• The Christian Dominion & Stewardship Study Center located in our brand-new communication center, which opened this February. This center features offices for audio/video editing and a 75-seat auditorium for intensive training. Plus, we are inheriting a 30,000+ volume library for the Study Center and will begin training Christians of all ages in person and via the Internet to develop a Christian worldview and apply the Bible to every area of life. Joel McDurmon, author of Return of the Village Atheist, will join American Vision as the Director of this new Study Center on June 1st.

• Refutations of two new atheist books, The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins and God Is Not Good, by Christopher Hitchens. Our hard-hitting responses, The Atheist Delusion and God Is, are due for release later this spring.

• A dynamic six-part audio series, Reading The Bible (Again) For the First Time, by our good friend, James Jordan. This series is one of the best courses on how to interpret the Bible that I have heard. You will not look at the Bible the same way again after listening to this series.

• My new Memory Mechanics book, written to help Christian students learn how to memorize just about anything. These powerful memory techniques helped me excel through college and seminary. This is just another way American Vision is helping Christians to get the upper hand in the culture.

• This month, we began a revamp of the American Vision web site. Once finished, there will be more timely content including articles, movie reviews, news, audio/video downloads, and more.

An International Apologetics Conference in 2009, which will feature a collaboration of dozens of ministries and take on subjects ranging from evolution and atheism to Islam and how Christians can be prepared to defend their faith and advance the Christian worldview.

• And we’re most excited about a new project that you will be hearing more of in the next month, called MANDATE 28™— “A 1,000 year plan for the Church.” This is the most unique and visionary project we have undertaken to date. Hardly anyone thinks beyond the next year or two. We are looking ahead over the next 1,000 years to advance the Gospel, make disciples, and transform the world for Christ.

Will you prayerfully consider sending a special gift to help American Vision fund these projects? This is perhaps one of the most important times to support the ministry of American Vision.

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