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American Vision gets a great deal of mail. Much of it is unsolicited. Most of it is interesting and helpful. A few pieces are downright goofy. Consider the catalog from Global Vision Worldwide that I recently rediscovered. The people at Global Vision:

  • Advance reverence for life as the bedrock of a harmonious world.
  • Regard speciesism, racism, sexism, and homophobia as products of primitive and outmoded beliefs.
  • Detest cruelty inflicted on sentient beings for any reason.
  • Wish to cultivate the physical well-being of all earth’s creatures through adherence to nature’s laws.
  • Embrace veganism [an extreme form of vegetarianism] as the truly compassionate way of life.

n order to assuage the conscience of those who might think that Global Vision is just another ink and paper polluter, we are assured that the catalog is “printed on recycled paper with soybean-based ink.” Can you imagine taking good soybeans out of the mouths of animals and children to print a catalog that will one day be dumped in the trash? How irresponsible. Did you ever wonder where recycled paper comes from? Live trees! There would be no recycled paper if trees had not been harvested for the first issue of paper that is later recycled by the holier-than-thou vegans and their environmental cousins. And by the way, trees grow back! Clear cutting most often takes place on government-owned property and rarely if ever on privately owned property, especially if the property is owned by paper companies who need future trees if they’re going to stay in business.

The Global Vision Worldwide catalog is filled with all sorts of insane ideas. The Global Vision people have obviously followed Darwinism to its logical conclusion: “Humans” are nothing more than animals. This explains their rejection of “speciesism.” Speciesism is defined as a “prejudice or attitude of bias toward the interests of members of one’s own species and against those of members of other species. A word used to describe the widespread discrimination that is practiced by homo sapiens against the other species.” Tell that to the other species. They kill one another for food, and many of them would kill a Vegan homo sapien at the drop of a vegan sausage. Global Vision offers a T-Shirt with the following emblazed on the front: “Thou Shalt Not Kill, Even If You Want a Burger.”

Consider the case of Timothy Treadwell depicted in the movie Grizzly Man. He lived among bears for 13 years and thought of them as his “family.” In 2003, Treadwell and his companion, Amie Huguenard, were mauled and mostly eaten by one of the Alaskan grizzly bears he considered to be part of his extended “animal” family. While he thought of the bears as his brothers and sisters, the bears thought of him as lunch.

The catalog is filled with numerous radical vegetarian and pro-homosexual T-Shirts. One particular T-Shirt caught my eye. Einstein is depicted with the following caption: “Einstein was a genius. Einstein was a vegetarian. Mere coincidence? I THINK NOT!” Two can play this game. Few people are aware that the Nazis were environmental and health zealots. Like modern-day radical environmentalists, the Nazis placed animals on a higher scale than humans. Hitler loved dogs and was a vegetarian and a non-smoker. The Nazis outlawed medical research on animals, with Hermann Goering threatening anyone who broke the law with being “deported to a concentration camp.” This gives me an idea for a T-Shirt: “Hitler was a mass murderer. Hitler was a vegetarian. Mere coincidence? I THINK NOT!”

Of course, the logic is flawed, but there are enough simple minded people out there who will believe even the most tenuous logical associations. It wasn’t that long ago that millions of people were blaming the oil companies with excessive profits by colluding to drive up the price of oil. So are they now colluding to drive the price down to record levels? Keep in mind, as the price of gasoline has fallen ($1.68 where I live), you and I are still paying the same amount in taxes. Like the kings of old who always got the “king’s fifth” (20%) of any gold or silver discovered, governments of today get theirs and more. Sloppy logic is a dangerous thing.

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