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Atheism's Annual Revival Meeting

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The annual “Crystal Clear Atheism” event was held in Crystal City, Virginia, and was sponsored by the Atheist Alliance International, “the only democratic national atheist organization in the United States.”[1] The unholy trinity of Atheism were in attendance—Oxford professor Richard Dawkins, author Sam Harris, and journalist Christopher Hitchens—as well as the named and no-named. Edward Tabash was there as well. I debated Mr. Tabash several years ago on the Christian history question. Darwin’s great-great-grandson was also in attendance, as well as the self-proclaimed “black Carl Sagan,” rapper Greydon Square. I had the same response. Who?

Anyway, the agenda of the meeting was to work for the ultimate destruction of religion through the atheist’s version of science. If children are to be taught anything about God, these atheists contend, it’s that He’s a myth. Their proposal is that children should not be schooled in any faith. As far as I know, the “Crystal Clear Atheists” didn’t say what would happen to parents who continue to teach that God is real. We can speculate what the atheists have in mind if they get their way. Daniel C. Dennett, author of Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, was also in attendance, and he has written the following:

If you insist on teaching your children falsehoods—that the Earth is flat,[2] that “Man” is not a product of evolution by natural selection—then you must expect, at the very least, that those of us who have freedom of speech will feel free to describe your teachings as the spreading of falsehoods, and will attempt to demonstrate this to your children at our earliest opportunity. Our future well-being—the well-being of all of us on the planet—depends on the education of our descendants.[3]

Believe in evolution or we’ll take your children from you and indoctrinate them into the atheist religion. Sound familiar? Believe in Allah or else!

Dawkins denounced what he considered to be the “‘preposterous nonsense of religious customs’ and compared religion to racism.”[4] I wonder if some of these religious customs would include helping the poor, adoption agencies, hospitals, and a whole host of social services. If religion is comparable to racism, then will religious beliefs be treated in the same way? Will religious people be excluded from employment because their religious beliefs are comparable to racism? Will religious people be looked upon in a way similar to the KKK and white supremacists?

The following question always lingers in moral discussions with atheists: If there is no God, then why is “racism” or anything else “wrong”? As James Scott Bell asks it, “If we are all biological accidents, why shouldn’t the white accidents own and sell the black accidents?”

The New Atheists are the new radical warriors. They want to use the force of law to impose their atheistic worldview on the rest of us. Our children and our nation are in jeopardy. Where is Christiane Amanpour, the host of the three-part “God’s Warriors” series, when you need her? She’s probably infiltrating a homeschool convention somewhere looking for terrorists.

Atheist Alliance Convention information
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