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The Demographics of Irrelevance
Dec 30, 2009
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Not long ago my family and I attended a wedding. It was a wonderful Christian wedding, the bride is a daughter of a family in our church, the bridegroom is a committed Christian, young missionary in Eastern Europe. Both were homeschooled, both love the Lord, and the wedding ceremony was planned by them to be both a worship service to God and a witness to the unbelievers among those present. It was a delight to attend.
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Gay Marriage: Logic in the Pitts
Mar 13, 2009
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In just another case of how liberals and secularists attempt to evade logic and reason using appeals to emotion and pity, a recent columnist "argues" for gay marriage by telling a tale of misery and despair. A tactic for many other untenable (and unpopular) liberal positions, here we find one more illogical and unreasonable (and therefore dishonest) appeal.