Are they floating an Ark on tax dollars?

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There is small furor in some media reports over the financing of Answers in Genesis’s side-project, The Ark Encounter—a full size replica of Noah’s Ark and attendant theme park dedicated to the biblical story. Both the leftist media and AiG spokespersons have weighed in multiple times. I have reviewed most of the relevant information, including […]

Why we’re in this mess

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A main theme running through my “Restoring America” project is that of inviting government tyranny by taking government money. We call this “taking the cheese.” When we take the cheese, the trap slams down. Unfortunately, this principle is ignored throughout American government at all levels. The progressive tyranny we’ve witnessed in American history has been […]

The federal takeover of local governments

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How bad has the expansion of federal government power into every area of life become? Consider the following statement about federal intrusion into local government: The federal government is already so enmeshed in the affairs of American cities that no one knows the extent. Federal tax money is used for schools, health facilities, public power, […]

Local Sovereignty: How to Get it Back


Restoring America One County at a Time Chapter 3: “County Rights” 3.3 How to Restore Freedom We have seen now how America was originally settled with nearly all governmental sovereignty vested at the local level. This was the legacy of Christian culture, and the better part of it. Early Americans did not have to worry about […]