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We the laymen
Apr 16, 2014
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I am a layman. I am not a theologian, a doctor, a professor, a scientist or a physicist. I am what you would call, uneducated. At least uneducated in the sense that I do not, nor will I ever have, an M.Div., a PhD., or any other abbreviation that I can attach to my name. […]
To Rachel Held Evans, RE: “If my son or daughter were gay…”
Jul 3, 2013
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There is a stream of tears dripping from the end of Rachel Held Evans’s recent blog, “If my son or daughter were gay…”. I have to admit: I am crying, too. And who wouldn’t weep, if the assumption is that homosexuals are unequivocally beloved as homosexuals in the church, that God apparently does not call […]
Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
Jun 19, 2013
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The Latin phrase, Extra ecclesiam nulla salus, means, “Outside the Church there is no ‎salvation”. It refers to the Christian belief that the Church is essential to God’s plan of ‎salvation. It sounds Roman Catholic. It is catholic (i.e. universal), but not Roman Catholic. In ‎fact, this doctrine preceded, survived, and continued after the papal […]
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The Charge of Replacement Theology is a Cover for Fuzzy Theology
Apr 3, 2012
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Joseph Farah of WND (WorldNetDaily) has written the following in an article titled “To those Israel-rejecting Christians. . .”: “[A]n evil doctrine known as Replacement Theology, every bit as ugly as Liberation Theology, has taken root in the church. I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve got to discard or allegorize much of the Bible […]
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‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Review
Oct 27, 2011
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The trailer for 'Machine Gun Preacher' wowed Christians with it’s explosive action and obvious religious themes. But does the actual film deliver as an edifying and uplifting tale of compassion? or is it merely a overbearing symposium of ‘Machine Gun Preachiness?’ Find out right now, on Movieology!
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‘Seven Days in Utopia’ Movie Review
Sep 29, 2011
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‘Seven Days in Utopia’ is played to be a golfer’s journey into the heart and soul of the game. Golfing can be fun (so they say) and this film wants to show us how it reflects the game of life. Utopia is not an imaginary place, but a part of our world that few people — let alone sports enthusiasts — ever get to experience. Robert Duvall plays an astute retired golfer that can teach the young and misled golfer wannabe a thing or two about life. So does this work? Or are we left wishing we had instead gone to see 'The Lion King' in 3D? Find out now on Movieology!
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Church Can be Fun!
Jan 6, 2011
Until about two years ago, I never paid much attention to the messages blazoned on the backside of the car in front of me. Lately, however, it seems that bumper stickers have become the last bastion of free speech—the final frontier of public politically incorrect expression. As I was making my way home from work […]
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An Infidel Experiment
Sep 10, 2010
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“An Infidel Experiment” was the title of an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of May 2, 1885, written about the city Liberal, Missouri. Creating “a town without a church, where unbelievers could bring up their children without religious training,” and where Christians were not allowed was the objective for founding Liberal in 1880. A […]