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McDurmon Hall Debate

Theonomy Debate: McDurmon vs. Hall

I am pleased to announced that I have reached formal agreement for a debate on the subject of theonomy with Jordan Hall of and Reformation Montana. The debate is scheduled to be the highlight of a joint two-day conference with Apologia Radio and American Vision to be held Thursday and Friday, February 19–20, 2015, at Arizona […]

Signs of the Times

Prophecy Writers Making Predictions Again

I was doing my typical daily research when I came across the article “The Jews in End Time Bible Prophecy” written by David R. Reagan of Lion and Lamb Ministries. In it he claims the following: “We are living in exciting times when we can witness Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. Many […]

prosecutor combs case

The white cops who didn’t get away with it

Buried deep beneath the national outrage over Ferguson and Staten Island was a story about just the opposite: a white cop who shot an unarmed black man allegedly resisting arrest was just indicted for murder. In this case, it appears that the prosecutor actually did his job. After waiting a couple years for the Feds […]

bank lobbyist

Cromnibus bill contains stealth bank bailout provisions

It’s bad enough that Congress is about to pass a $1 Trillion-plus spending bill while simultaneously praising themselves for “thoughtful” decisions, “wise” investing, and “savings.” But under the guise of a concern “to protect farmers,” Committee members have included provisions that will provide essential bailout money for banks engaged in risky derivatives investing (you know, […]