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Rearview mirror

When the establishment trashed liberty and liberty won anyway

Just a few years after an historic presidency and things aren’t looking so good nationally: Decade-old war efforts loom over national policy, costly in both money and blood. New threats lie on the horizon, with the establishment appearing eager for pretexts. The incumbent leftist president pushes massive healthcare legislation. The incumbent leftist president promotes expansions […]

Destrauction of Jerusalem

Preterism and the Jesuit Luis De Alcazar

The attached article deals with the argument that preterism was concocted by the Jesuit Luis De Alcazar to divert attention away from the Reformational claim that the Roman Catholic Church is the end-time antichrist, the man of lawlessness, and the harlot. While the article is mainly geared to answering the charge of dispensationalists, it also applies […]