The Power of Indoctrination


We Christians immediately tend to squirm when the word indoctrination is associated with teaching our faith. Why should we do otherwise? It is a term that instantly conjures up thoughts about such things as the Kool-Aid of Reverend Jim Jones, or David Koresh and the Branch Davidians of Waco. After all, effective indoctrination holds the […]

Salvation through government education

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Today’s educational landscape is rapidly changing. From the debates surrounding the Common Core standards to the pedagogical “game-changer” known as the Kahn Academy, there are constant shifts in thinking and practice in the area of American Education. Yet, amidst all of these shifts in the mainstream, like a stone sculpture (or perhaps more appropriately, a […]

Adoption as Sons and the Heart of Covenant


The following is a reprint from the February CovenantalDivide newsletter. ******************************** There is something akin to spring-cleaning on steroids going on in my home. Any given day during the week a new closet is being cleaned out, furniture has been shifted or other adjustments have been made to our home. Last night it was the […]

Swimming in the Waters of Child Sacrifice

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Some believe, including many Christians, that the rise and fall of nations or cultures are completely random. Some that are not willing to go that far would take a view of an arbitrary sovereignty of sorts, i.e. there is a God watching over everything but there is no ethical cause and effect in history. Last […]