The Power of Indoctrination
May 6, 2014
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We Christians immediately tend to squirm when the word indoctrination is associated with teaching our faith. Why should we do otherwise? It is a term that instantly conjures up thoughts about such things as the Kool-Aid of Reverend Jim Jones, or David Koresh and the Branch Davidians of Waco. After all, effective indoctrination holds the […]
Russia, the Ukraine and the Extension of Peace in History
Apr 8, 2014
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What’s the big deal with recent events in the Ukraine? Most Americans don’t care. They know something is brewing in Eastern Europe and their ears perk up a bit when they hear the name Russia, but in general they are relatively uninformed and generally apathetic. If they do know something about the situation, they don’t […]
Salvation through government education
Mar 24, 2014
Today’s educational landscape is rapidly changing. From the debates surrounding the Common Core standards to the pedagogical “game-changer” known as the Kahn Academy, there are constant shifts in thinking and practice in the area of American Education. Yet, amidst all of these shifts in the mainstream, like a stone sculpture (or perhaps more appropriately, a […]
Adoption as Sons and the Heart of Covenant
Mar 10, 2014
The following is a reprint from the February CovenantalDivide newsletter. ******************************** There is something akin to spring-cleaning on steroids going on in my home. Any given day during the week a new closet is being cleaned out, furniture has been shifted or other adjustments have been made to our home. Last night it was the […]
Swimming in the Waters of Child Sacrifice
Feb 17, 2014
Some believe, including many Christians, that the rise and fall of nations or cultures are completely random. Some that are not willing to go that far would take a view of an arbitrary sovereignty of sorts, i.e. there is a God watching over everything but there is no ethical cause and effect in history. Last […]
Is Marriage Dead?
Jan 31, 2014
About the same time that I lost my wedding ring a couple of weeks ago I ran across this Fox news article written by one of their staff, Keith Ablow.(1) The title said it all – Marriage Died in 2013. Ablow is astute in his foreboding conclusion regarding the legalization of gay marriage: …when states […]
Big Government Christianity
Jan 13, 2014
A few years ago I was involved in doing a good bit of reading and research for writing a book on the unholy matrimony between Christian pietists and humanists over the past two centuries. It was quite an interesting project but one that I never completed. About nine months into the effort my business partner […]
Raising pagan children
Dec 30, 2013
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In November there was an article that was widely circulated among Christian circles entitled, How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home. It was thought evoking and in general seemed to address the issue of ensuring your child grows up embracing the Christian faith complete with a Christian worldview. This is certainly something […]