Hillary Clinton Uses Jesus to Promote the Welfare State

Hillary Clinton welfare state

Liberals love the Bible when they can turn it into theological Silly Putty. They can find support for every leftist doctrine as long as they skip words, read verses out of context, and read their own views into specific texts. Even the Devil quoted the Bible (Matt. 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13), so we shouldn’t be surprised […]

CNN Says Those on the Right More Deadly than Jihadists

Do Not Turn Left

Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst, a director at the New America Foundation. The New American Foundation is funded by George Soros. Bergen also uses the mega-fundraising radical leftist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of his sources. These associations in and of themselves do not mean that everything Bergen writes is […]

Atheists Attack Christian Gov. Walker for Bible Tweet

Governor Walker

Whatever happened to “freedom of religion”? According to the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), it does not exist. The latest anti-God tyranny concerns a Twitter post by Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Here it is. Get ready. It’s ominous. It’s devastating: “Philippians 4:13.” That’s it. Gov. Walker didn’t even cite the content of the verse which […]

Why Did Obama Back Off From the Romeike Homeschooling Case?


Everything Obama and Co. does is to grow the State and give it more control and power over our lives. So why would Homeland Security and later the Justice Department decide not to deport the Romeike family after pursuing the deportation order through the courts where it ended up at the Supreme Court with the […]

Billionaire who “made Mitt Romney’s campaign” now joins Soros to target Evangelicals


Once you understand how the Grand Old Party establishment has operated since before there even was a Grand Old Party, the strangeness of certain strange bedfellows no longer comes as a shock. But for the enlightenment of those who thought there was much difference between certain candidates, at least where it counts, consider the following […]