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Liberals Push for Laws Against Hate Speech … as They Define It
May 15, 2014
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Whoever controls the language controls the debate. Whoever controls the debate controls the laws. Whoever controls the laws controls the civil government. And then the people. To move along new social, cultural, and political trends, it is of the utmost importance to define and redefine words for the purpose of empowerment. Liberals have a long […]
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Florida School Bans Bible During Free Reading Time
May 7, 2014
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Bite a Pop Tart so that it looks like a gun and you’ll be expelled. Read a Bible during free reading time, and it will be treated like Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Officials at Broward County Public Schools went along with a teacher who told fifth grader Giovanni Rubeo that he could not read his Bible […]
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Don’t Send TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau to Jail
Mar 28, 2014
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At first I thought the story was a joke. After reading that the death of Chumlee from Pawn Stars was a hoax (last year the hoax was that the “Old Man” had died), I was skeptical when I saw a news story that TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was going to prison for ten years for […]
Furor over Supreme Court “warrantless search” decision: here’s the real issue
Feb 28, 2014
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Headlines all over the place are decrying further erosion of the fourth amendment in last Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision Fernandez v. California. But the furor is misguided. As such, the real important point here is being missed. We need to focus on the real nature of the problems rather than ranting aimlessly against the machine. […]
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Constitution: Yes, the president may bomb without congressional approval
Sep 5, 2013
As I wrote earlier this week, certain warmongers writing for First Things are concerned that not supporting Obama bombing Syria would set a “precedent of setting too low a threshold for blocking presidential initiative in foreign affairs,” and this “is unwise.” I interpreted this as a desire to keep the presidency strong in general, no […]
Court Ruling Could Nullify First Amendment
Sep 4, 2013
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Judge Michael Ponsor has ruled in Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Lively (2013) that Scott Lively, through his talks in Uganda in opposition to homosexual behavior was in fact “aiding and abetting a crime against humanity.” Lively, an evangelical pastor, was sued in a Massachusetts federal court by a foreign group called Sexual Minorities of Uganda […]
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Ignorant Baptist Pastor Duped by ACLU
Aug 29, 2013
Most pastors these days are not well studied in history, logic, the Constitution, or common sense. It wasn’t always this way. Ministers used to be the most educated men in the community. Few ministers today compare to the intellectual, historical, and rhetorical proficiencies of a colonial pastor. “Unlike modern mass media, the sermon stood alone […]
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“Forced” home visits: Obamacare is not the real problem
Aug 19, 2013
A frightening report has been circulating regarding an Obamacare provision which will create “forced” home inspections with criteria so broad that “any family may be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason.” The news is certainly alarming, but the real problem is deeper than just one more rotten ObamaCare Easter egg. Indeed, the […]