Liberals Push for Laws Against Hate Speech … as They Define It

Hate Speech is Whatever They Say it Is

Whoever controls the language controls the debate. Whoever controls the debate controls the laws. Whoever controls the laws controls the civil government. And then the people. To move along new social, cultural, and political trends, it is of the utmost importance to define and redefine words for the purpose of empowerment. Liberals have a long […]

“But It’s Not Happening in My Child’s School . . .”

School House

Several years ago I was in a meeting with a group of prominent leaders in the fields of education and media. The discussion came around to public schools. I pointed out how public schools will only get worse and those who are trying to fix the problems will only be frustrated. I went on to […]

Florida School Bans Bible During Free Reading Time

The Embarkation of the Pilgrims

Bite a Pop Tart so that it looks like a gun and you’ll be expelled. Read a Bible during free reading time, and it will be treated like Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Officials at Broward County Public Schools went along with a teacher who told fifth grader Giovanni Rubeo that he could not read his Bible […]

Asking and Answering the Wrong Questions in the Hobby Lobby Case

Hobby Lobby Store

Should business owners be forced to pay for contraceptives or pay a fine if they don’t in the new ever-changing Affordable Care Act? Wrong question. The case before the Supreme Court “will determine whether Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned craft store chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a cabinet company, can be exempted from providing contraception coverage […]

An Unholy Alliance in Education


Saturday is my day to homeschool the kids. It is one of the highlights of my week. In addition to their learning, I learn an appreciation for what my wife takes on during the week. Though there are a number of subjects included in our homeschool curriculum, my Saturday curriculum consists of only one. It […]