Blood Moon Day and We’re Still Here

Blood Moon

The first of four Blood Moons has appeared in the sky. Millions of Christians have become fascinated with the phenomenon. Books have been written on the subject. Why all the interest and excitement? Because the lunar event is supposedly all about Bible prophecy and the end of the world or the so-called “rapture” of the […]

The Isaiah 17 Damascus Bible prophecy has been fulfilled


Because of the latest developments in Syria, prophecy prognosticators are coming out of the woodwork . . . again. The same thing happened in 2011 when prophecy hobbyists were claiming that Isaiah 17 was being fulfilled right before our eyes. Here’s an example from a video that was uploaded on July 21, 2011: Damascus in […]

Can We Please Get off the End of the World Kick


I’ve been following prophecy speculators for almost exactly 40 years. They all have one thing in common. They’ve been consistently wrong for nearly 2000 years. In the 1970s, Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth was a mega-best seller. It was the No. 1 non-fiction book of the decade. (Some would put it in the […]

Israel and Prophecy Writers are in the News Again

Destruction of Jerusalem bas Relief

Prominent dispensationalist and end-time advocate Jan Markell had this to say about the latest conflict in the Middle East: “God hasn’t abandoned Israel. He does have an end-times plan for her. It involves some harshness, but it also involves salvation as a nation — though that comes later, during the time of the tribulation.” Every […]

Are Pastors Finally Getting the Message about Politics?

Pulpits and Pastors

In 2000, John MacArthur wrote a book with the title Why Government Can’t Save You.(1) When this book first appeared, I wrote that I didn’t know any Christians who believed government can or should save us. The subtitle led the reader to believe that getting involved politically was not an option for Christians. The book […]