Don’t blame illegals, blame grandma

ida fuller

A couple people responded to yesterday’s article on executive power by informing me of all the terrible effects Obama’s immigration action will have. Chief among these, it appears, is the fear that adding a few million more people to the Social Security and Medicare rolls, especially at the lower end of the pay scale, will […]

Misguided outrage on Obama’s “unconstitutional” executive action

executive order

The Obama administration just made a publicity stunt out of a minor executive procedure and Republicans erupted in furors—mostly of fallacy and misinformation. When the dust settled, Republicans sat space-eyed, holding their boxer shorts, while Obama walked off with their rear-ends in his brief case. In that case also were copies of the Constitution and […]

Yes, Pope Francis is a Socialist

Vatican Pope

You’ve heard of “legitimate rape,” now meet its state-sanctioned cousin, “legitimate robbery.” Or, at least, hear it in the euphemized form pronounced by the People’s Pope, Pope Francis: “legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the State.” For those of you mainstreamers who actually believed the media when they condemned Sarah Palin for calling this guy […]

And then there’s the “you professed it all right, but still missed by a mile” Jesus

Buddy Jesus back at ya

Kevin DeYoung recently asked and answered afresh the most important question in the world, and I totally agree with his answer; yet for all its orthodoxy, it leaves me a bit sideways. The question is, of course, Jesus’ question, “Who do you say I am?” Peter’s answer was and still is the correct one: “You […]

“Passionate” hero cop turns out to be rabid gun-grabbing tyrant

Edward Flynn

Milwaukee police chief Edward Flynn is being portrayed as something of a flash hero as he blasted reporters with what has been described as “passionate authority.” But no one has yet noted the far more important issue that surfaced in his tirade: his passionate anti-gun agenda. Flynn was allegedly “verbally attacked” for paying attention to […]