NEW – Piscator on the Judicial Laws of Moses (1607), or, “Theonomy before Theonomy was cool”

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It is with great pleasure that American Vision presents to you Johannes Piscator’s Disputations on the Judicial Laws of Moses. You don’t want to miss this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE. You can buy it now here. The following is from my Introduction: *** Johannes Piscator (1546–1625) may not be a household name today in Reformed theology, but that is […]

When end-times madness hijacks the brain, and the Bible

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Every distinct Christian position can have its blind devotees, but some are worse than others. In a recent pro-Israel case, zealotry has never shown its anti-intellectualism more boldly. You think Christian positions need to be defended from Scripture? Not for this all-in premillennial supporter of modern Israel. No, no. Context be damned. God has told […]

The Shemitah myths exposed: A FREE Report from American Vision

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They’re saying we can expect “something big,” a financial meltdown, social chaos, perhaps even the return of Christ—and the keep saying “September 2015″! They sound very persuasive, and even Christians with sound doctrine are asking me if there’s anything to it. Since there is so much alarm and confusion (and so little time!), I have decided to […]

A Timely New Introduction to Bible Prophecy

Beginner Guide

With all kinds of alarming end-times predictions in the air, there has rarely been a greater need for some common sense on Bible prophecy. I would like to introduce you to a resource that meets that need perfectly: A Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Bible Prophecy: A Five-Part Study. The topic of Bible prophecy is always in the news. […]

Joel Richardson and Historic Premillennialism on social action

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As noted yesterday, some Historic Premillennialists have objected to being “labeled” Dispensationalists—and I would have to add, rightfully so. Let’s be clear, neither I nor Gary has knowingly “labeled” anyone in this way. What I showed yesterday, however, was that sometimes both Historical Premils and Dispensationalists just happen to get swept up in the same […]