Beyond misrepresentation: an outright fabrication from Jordan Hall

JD Hall angry eyes 1

If I were to categorize material from the debate as “the good,” “the bad”, and “the ugly,” what I am about to relate to you would fall into a category far beyond hideous. I mean, if the ugly step-sister were this bad, you’d be looking for a basement with a lock on the outside. Unfortunately, […]

Who won the Theonomy Debate? That’s an easy question: . . .


I have, as you can imagine, been asked several times who I thought won the debate. While one party to the debate has been making clear suggestions as to his victory in the name of not chest-thumping, I have remained quiet on this point, until the video’s release. The listener or viewer will now be […]

Theonomy Debate – McDurmon v Hall


On February 20, 2015, Dr. Joel McDurmon and Jordan D. Hall engaged in a debate on Theonomy. The debate resolution was: “Mosaic Civil Laws are Obligatory for Civil Governments today“. Dr. McDurmon argued in the affirmative and Mr. Hall in the negative. In consideration to recent needs, American Vision has decided to make the full […]

The Georgia Republicans’ Welfare and Strip Club Establishment Act. Yes, it’s that bad


A new child welfare services expansion and alleged sex-trafficking prevention bill is making its way rapidly through the Georgia State Assembly led by Republican, and some Christian, lawmakers. It is euphemistically titled the “Safe Harbor Act,” but it ought to be titled the “Welfare and Strip-Club Establishment Act,” for that is effectively what it will […]