Food stamps for fascists
Sep 17, 2014
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Conservatives rightly rail against “welfare” programs such as food stamps. This is especially true when these programs are abused, but it is true in general as well. The government simply should not be in the business of redistributing wealth, and certainly not of giving direct handouts, especially to people who are perfectly capable of working. […]
Taxing like a harlot
Sep 16, 2014
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I want to thank you to Doug for the consideration of considering my response on taxation. He has, as may be expected, volleyed back. After carefully weighing his counterexamples and their stated implications, I don’t think they make the case. They actually support my thesis more clearly. First, I would like to note in passing […]
Sep 13, 2014
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Ted Cruz has made a serious mistake—one supported by sentiments of millions of American evangelicals—and it could cost the lives of many Christians. I suppose you’ve heard by now that Ted Cruz was recently “booed off stage” for a senseless, ill-placed “stand with Israel” gaffe at a banquet for persecuted Middle East Christians. The worst […]
“The Christian Social Thought Tradition” tribe attacks my tribe for “tribalism”
Sep 12, 2014
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An article published by World Magazine calls out “evangelical tribalism.” The author, a reformed scholar named Anthony Bradley, criticizes evangelicals for ignoring something called “the Christian social thought tradition” (note the definite article). Instead, he argues, they baptize pet political ideas with cherry-picked Bible verses and proclaim their opinions “biblical” and all others “enemies.” Thus, […]
A telling tale of two reactions to theonomy
Sep 11, 2014
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I receive a generous amount of feedback for my work here at American Vision. Most of it is positive. Some is negative. Of the negative feedback, a small portion is coherent. Negative feedback can be important. If it is incoherent, of course, it is worthless. The coherent responses, however, may—and I stress may—alert you to […]
Is there such thing as “legitimate taxation”?
Sep 8, 2014
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The answer is no. Now let’s explain. Doug Wilson has published an opinion that “taxation can be done right,” by which he means there is legitimate taxation according to the Bible. While I esteem much of Rev. Wilson, and there is tremendous overlap between us in general, I disagree with this sentiment, and I think […]
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Calvin’s great error on biblical law
Sep 8, 2014
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An unfortunate example of the fallacy of Epithet comes in the writings of John Calvin himself. That such a gifted theologian as Calvin commits this error testifies again to the insidious nature of fallacies - even the best can and do fall prey.
Phil Robertson preaches Islamic doctrine? Convert or die?
Sep 4, 2014
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Perhaps Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson will now help the business develop a new line of products to complement Duck Commander and Buck Commander: Turk Commander. In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Robertson responded to the question of “What is the answer?” to ISIS. Robertson quoth, “In this case you either have […]