Greg Bahnsen: What Really Happened at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS)

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What follows are chronicles and supporting documents compiled by Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen during and immediately after his unfortunate and groundless termination at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), Jackson, MS, in 1978-79. You will find that common rumors, assumptions, and even recent publications (more on this soon) are demolished by the material collected here. You will also […]

“The New Racism” by R. J. Rushdoony

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For your consideration: one of scores of great essays by R. J. Rushdoony collected in Roots of Reconstruction, soon to be republished in multi-book format. Posted here with permission from —JM THE NEW RACISM Chalcedon Position Paper No. 14 By R. J. Rushdoony Racism is a relatively new fact on the world scene. In earlier eras, not race […]

Must the church “civilly atone for Adam’s sin”? Another fabrication from Hall?


Last (for now), but certainly not least, in this series of misrepresentations and fallacies from the debate may in fact be the worst of the lot. It appears by all measures to be another utter fabrication. Like previous examples, because this falsehood is used to attribute a direct charge of “heresy,” we need to view […]

Theonomy: No Baptists Allowed?

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As we have seen so far, Jordan’s second opening statement particularly was filled with strings of boogeyman quotes in an attempt to portray Theonomy as a dangerous and anti-Christian system of works righteousness and social meanness. In one particular string of such quotations, Jordan wrongly portrayed Theonomists as condemning all non-Theonomists as non-Christians, and misunderstood […]

A vision of freedom and world-transformation

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Sometime around AD 405, a sixteen year-old boy strolling the English seaside was attacked by pirates. They kidnapped him and sold him on the slave market to a chieftain in Northern Ireland who forced him to herd pigs. The young man endured filth, the elements, separation from family, and years of servitude. Yet the open […]