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The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” Papyrus Being Used as Liberal Propaganda
Apr 18, 2014
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In 2012, Dr. Karen L. King, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, discovered a papyrus that seemed to imply that Jesus was married. Here’s how the discovery was reported: A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married. The fragment, with just eight lines of text on the front […]
Noah and a Baptism That Now Saves Us
Mar 18, 2014
In light of the recent press surrounding the film “Noah “, starring Russell Crowe, I would like to take a look at a verse about this Biblical patriarch that many Christians tend to shy away from (perhaps in a way that some readers may have flinched at the title of this article). It is kind of […]
God First. Salvation Second.
Feb 27, 2014
Trepidation. That’s the proper word entering such a heavy subject. Not only heavy but potentially offensive to the structure of some people’s organized religion. The topic of salvation is not a small matter. It has been the center of many important controversies in the church. But this post won’t touch the definition of salvation in […]
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Full-fat Abrahamism
Sep 6, 2013
I am currently going through the book of Romans with my children. Stop there a moment. Going through the book of Romans with children? That’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it? There are enough complex arguments in the epistle to leave me with a headache, but trying to convey these headache-inducing thoughts to my 9,7,5,3 […]
What Do You Mean By, “Means of Grace”?
Jun 25, 2013
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Previously, I wrote that there is no ordinary possibility of salvation outside of the Church, ‎because salvation is by grace, and grace is ordinarily given by the means of grace, which are ‎given to the Church.‎ ‎ ‎ The question arises, what do I mean by the means of grace? To answer this question, we […]
Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
Jun 19, 2013
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The Latin phrase, Extra ecclesiam nulla salus, means, “Outside the Church there is no ‎salvation”. It refers to the Christian belief that the Church is essential to God’s plan of ‎salvation. It sounds Roman Catholic. It is catholic (i.e. universal), but not Roman Catholic. In ‎fact, this doctrine preceded, survived, and continued after the papal […]
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Two kingdom theology: a politician’s paradise
Jan 31, 2013
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Speaking at his Escondido seminary’s conference “Christ, Kingdom, and Culture,” on the topic “Christ and the State,” two kingdoms advocate Dr. David VanDrunen delineated between Christian freedoms and Christian obligations. He asked, “What sorts of things are Christian obligations in politics?” Clear Scriptures can cause us tough problems, he said: I think things can be […]
Baby Jesus and Freedom: Implications of the Incarnation
Dec 24, 2012
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[From the author's book, Manifested in the Flesh] The natural does not ascend to the divine or the supernatural. The bridge is gulfed only by revelation and by the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Salvation therefore is not by man nor by means of man’s politics, or by any other effort of man.[1] [E]ven now those […]