Gay “marriage” and baby body parts….What can we do?

These past months have been discouraging for Bible-believing Christians. Whether it’s the Supreme Court’s homosexual “marriage” opinion, fines and penalties for Christian businesses, unbiblical ObamaCare mandates, abortionists selling baby body parts and the media covering for it, or these secularists’ plan for worse to come — we have suffered a barrage of attacks on the foundations of western civilization, biblical values, and religious liberty. Christians across this nation are rightly concerned about imminent persecution. But I am here to tell you that there is still hope.

American Vision stands without compromise for the advance of God’s Law as the standard for all human conduct in every area of life. We share the concerns over this tidal wave of secular humanist perversion, death, and tyranny. But we intend to help you fight it all the way.

The question we hear is, in the face of this seemingly unimpeded march of secularist tyranny and death, what can we do? It seems that we Christians are increasingly powerless. So what can we do?

There are many things you can do, and American Vision has been preparing the foundations and doing the work for nearly 40 years now. We simply ask for your partnership and help in advancing this work at this most crucial moment in American history.

A few years ago, I published a work outlining things every Christian can do. That project is Restoring America One County at a Time. It starts with re-education of the Christian population, continues with encouragement and bravery, and “ends” with persistence into the coming generations. In short, it does not end.

If we are to regain ground, it will only come with a radical vision, local-oriented thinking, practical action, willingness to sacrifice, and a multi-generational vision and commitment. Restoring America is all of these things. It challenges Christians to rethink their worldview and especially the life-applications of that worldview entirely.

In addition to practical knowledge and action, Christians need to regain a commitment to fight and to sacrifice. Too many are concerned with merely how to endure a seemingly inevitable persecution. To fight and resist such persecution does not even seem to be an option. It seems we have given up the fight before it begins. But this need not be the case.

There are people all across this country with the courage to stand on principle if local Christian populations joined together with a mandate. You should be encouraged to know, as I was when I learned, that Restoring America is in the personal libraries of civil officials, city councilmen, county commissioners, thousands of sheriffs, Congressmen at the state and even federal level, and even state Supreme Court justices. Some are already beginning to put some of its ideas and principles into practice.

We need more of this, and this is where you can help: by supporting American Vision in our work. We need a mighty mandate from Christian citizens to put more of it into practice. It is time we ignore the secularists’ tirades of tyranny, and focus on what God has called us to do in this world. This is indeed one thing you can do: support us as we steadily break through the impasse of Christian complacency, pessimism, self-imposed exile, and discouragement.

At American Vision, we see that as our primary task: educating, encouraging, and equipping Christians in family, church, and state — yes, even our civil officials at all levels — to know the truth, and most importantly, to stand uncompromisingly and fight for it.

Further, we need to start viewing this as a long-term, multi-generation plan of action. Just the other day, I heard a homosexual activist interviewed on public radio. He openly admitted they have been steadily working to achieve the “gay marriage” decision at the Supreme Court since the 80s and 90s. He then said they are not done: we will now push for “workplace equality”; which means Christian businesses could be forced to hire homosexuals to work for them.

This has been a long-term agenda on their part, and they have a long-term agenda for the future. The question is, why don’t we Christians? It is simply time that we changed our thinking and our actions. In fact, we MUST change our thinking and our actions, or else we will lose what we have left.

American Vision is one of the very few ministries that understands this, and works in light of it. But we need your help to continue spreading this vision. With a unified mandate and a commitment to work for generations to come, we can indeed take this country back. We can stop the advance of death and tyranny, and return our society to greatness, freedom, and prosperity once again.

In this trying time, I implore you not to give up hope. Do not look at the discouraging events as signs of defeat, but rather as an opportunity to band together, teach one another, and fight even harder.

Please seriously consider a generous donation to American Vision as we lead this effort. Help us continue to lead in teaching, networking, and spreading the vision of Christ’s victory in all walks of life.




Joel McDurmon, Ph.D.

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