Theonomy vs. Intellectual Schizophrenia: Iron Sharpening Tin

iron sharpen sparks

One of my favorite things about being a Christian scholar is the opportunities for spiritual growth that comes from scholarly exchange, even debate. As the Proverb says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Prov. 27:17). I cannot count the number of times in my little career that God has used everyone from Ivy […]

Misrepresentation #3: Bahnsen on “Latent Antinomianism”

anarchist silhouette

As promised, today I intend to continue to examine for veracity the many referenced quotations from Theonomists that were used in apparent condemnation during my recent debate on the topic. I know some of you would like me to move on the other material. Trust me, that will come in due time (probably in book […]

Beyond misrepresentation: an outright fabrication from Jordan Hall

JD Hall angry eyes 1

If I were to categorize material from the debate as “the good,” “the bad”, and “the ugly,” what I am about to relate to you would fall into a category far beyond hideous. I mean, if the ugly step-sister were this bad, you’d be looking for a basement with a lock on the outside. Unfortunately, […]

Who won the Theonomy Debate? That’s an easy question: . . .


I have, as you can imagine, been asked several times who I thought won the debate. While one party to the debate has been making clear suggestions as to his victory in the name of not chest-thumping, I have remained quiet on this point, until the video’s release. The listener or viewer will now be […]

Joint Statement of Unity and Forgiveness – Joel McDurmon and Jordan Hall

Joel McDurmon Jordan Hall 1

With thankfulness we announce that we have spoken as brethren dwelling together in unity and have reached a mutual accord regarding our current dispute. We regret that the spirit and tone of the current discord we have caused has been unworthy of the body of Christ. We seek above all to restore His glory in […]