AiG’s abuse of alcohol texts

alcohol christmas

AIG just posted an interesting piece confronting the claims of an evolutionary biology study that humans evolved the ability to metabolize alcohol which helped them survive by eating fermented fallen fruits that would make other primates feel sick. “Yay!” said the researchers, since “the holidays are packed with opportunities to raise a glass of our […]

Why Christian Reconstructionists complain about being misrepresented

Yes No

In some of the pre-debate banter about my upcoming debate with Hall, some blogger and employee of John MacArthur suggested on Facebook that they should dig up and reprint the old critique of Christian Reconstruction by Tommy Ice and H. Wayne House, Dominion Theology, Blessing or Curse?: An Analysis of Christian Reconstructionism (Multnomah Press, 1988). […]

Saving, Saving Christmas (from the insane reviewers)


I can’t for the life of me figure out why otherwise sane Christian friends of mine didn’t care much for Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. I finally watched it and, I feel free to admit, I liked it quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the blockbuster of the century, but it was far […]

Theonomy Debate: McDurmon vs. Hall

McDurmon Hall Debate

I am pleased to announced that I have reached formal agreement for a debate on the subject of theonomy with Jordan Hall of and Reformation Montana. The debate is scheduled to be the highlight of a joint two-day conference with Apologia Radio and American Vision to be held Thursday and Friday, February 19–20, 2015, at Arizona […]

The white cops who didn’t get away with it

prosecutor combs case

Buried deep beneath the national outrage over Ferguson and Staten Island was a story about just the opposite: a white cop who shot an unarmed black man allegedly resisting arrest was just indicted for murder. In this case, it appears that the prosecutor actually did his job. After waiting a couple years for the Feds […]