Thank government schools for same-sex marriage


Around 1980, at the dawn of the Reagan revolution, Gary North spoke at large assembly of Christian Right conservative gathered to discuss goals, strategy, tactics, etc. He told an audience of 5,000: if every Christian would pull their kids out of public schools, the system would collapse overnight. He was right. The system could, and can, […]

Exposed: the homosexual dominion agenda

Homo steamroller

In a previous article, we discussed 12 reasons homosexual marriage will wreck the nation. The truth is even worse than imagined. That brief, as good as it was, was nevertheless incomplete. It did not include a list of frightful new self-privileges, backed by government coercion, which the Gaystapo is now actively working to shove down […]

About John MacArthur’s “We will not bow”

John MacArthu we will not bow

John MacArthur recently preached a sermon entitled “We Will Not Bow.” It is in reference to the fear and despair affecting Christians in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decisions on homosexuals and marriage. Really, it is about social decline in general over the past decades. From the title, you might expect a call […]

Rogue prosecutors: a case example on the need for biblical accountability laws


The following story shows a tremendous, and unfortunately not too uncommon, injustice in our legal systems today. It is an injustice that results from a failure to implement a basic principle of biblical law. Furthermore, it is an injustice that is allowed to prevail with the government in general, including police departments in general, police […]

Understanding judicial tyranny: groundwork for going forward


The following is an excerpt from my Intro to God’s Law and Government in America. There is serious, weighty, and detailed history of jurisprudence in here. It may not be easy for you to work through at first, but it is necessary groundwork for what lies ahead of us. Anyone interested in freedom in America, particularly […]