Kirk Cameron, Halloween, Christmas, Oh my!

Pumpkin squeeze

Kirk Cameron has stirred the ghouls and goblins to manifest prematurely this “Hallowe’en” season, especially in the press. The funny part is, he has done nothing but resurrect a fairly traditional view of Halloween, and little more than hint at a deeper theological view of Christmas symbols; and for this, a mad Grinch mob composed […]

Back when sermons were not off-limits. . . .

Wright sermon

So you think sermons are off-limits, eh? Think they can’t be entered, and to that end subpoenaed, as evidence in a lawsuit? Think it is trampling First Amendment rights to make legal or political hay of a pastor’s sermons? Yeah? Well, I got two words for ya: Jeremiah Wright. The year was 2008—before the sleeping […]

Hamfisted on Houston or not?: A response to Tim Bayly

open book

Tim Bayly of BaylyBlog did not appreciate my perspective on the headlines hyping the now-infamous Houston subpoena. For arguing that the conservative media angles read “as if the city has made some move to start monitoring all pastors’ sermons,” Bayly busted me: “McDurmon’s set up a straw man.” I’d be cool with that, and even with […]

Is Houston demanding oversight of pastors’ sermons? No.

A rainbow over a church in the Washington D.C. area

Several people have contacted me over the recent Fox News headline, “City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons.” was even broader: “Houston demands oversight of sermons.” There is no doubt that the Mayor and City Council are radical and aggressive LGBT activists trying to advance their agenda against all morality and the will […]