Last Chance for Theonomy Debate Early Bird Discount

GGC Theonomy Debate

I have been greatly encouraged by the response to the announcement of my upcoming “Theonomy Debate” and the larger God, Governments, and Culture Conference that will host it. This is just a quick note this morning to remind all procrastinators and those waiting for whatever reason: Early Bird Registration ends tomorrow. Don’t wait if you […]

A lost-and-found treasure: When America’s pastors boldly preached politics, resisted tyranny, and founded a nation on the Bible

New_England_Pulpit Cover

I would like today to introduce you to one of the more remarkable books I have read recently. It is an old and largely forgotten book, but vital to understanding the role the Bible ought to play in politics and government, in national issues—in fact, a role the Bible did play directly in the shaping […]

Another legitimate rape of the pro-life movement


On this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the GOP just aborted a pro-life bill that would have passed, and instead, substituted a redundant bill that prohibits taxpayer-funded abortions. “Hey, look at us stalwart pro-lifers! We did something! (cough, cough, something that’s already pretty much been done).” Let’s be clear: this is not throwing a bone, […]

When Van Til got crazy political

Van Til judgment 1

Cornelius Van Til usually did not express his view on politics and government. But in one place that he did, it came as a worldview tidal wave. I would like to share that with you today. It is not just political, it is crazy political—and in perhaps the most profound way it could be done, […]

Cornelius Van Til’s “spirit of reconstruction”

Cornelius-Van-Til 1

It has been asked recently whether Cornelius Van Til was a theonomist, and more importantly, is there a link between presuppositional apologetics and theonomy. The first question is easy to answer: no, Van Til was not a theonomist, at least not in the sense of Rushdoony, Bahnsen, etc. He personally disavowed both theonomy and postmillennialism—if […]