What Would Jesus Do? Not what this liberal says He would do

buddy Jesus

There is no doubt that many people, including many Christians, imagine a Jesus that never existed. And usually, the Jesus they imagine so often looks just like them. And it goes on today, all the time. This problem only begins with the classic images—Jesus the long-haired, blondish Florentine—by which we have been traditionally bombarded. Those […]

Common Core revolt, or legitimizing the trap? TAC needs to wise up.

mouse trap cheese

A writer for the Tenth Amendment Center lauds Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett for defying Common Core testing standards, but the writer does not notice the real problems: the money, and the strings. This is not a story about effective decentralized power; it is a story about how unpopular efforts at centralization become legitimized. […]

Party time! Or is it?

parties the same

A great new article by Bruce Bartlett for The American Conservative makes the case that “Obama is a Republican.” Shocking as that may sound to many conservatives who believe Obama is the worst communist since Stalin, the facts of the case should lead us to consider a deeper problem. While I agree with the “Republican” […]

Kirk Cameron, Halloween, Christmas, Oh my!

Pumpkin squeeze

Kirk Cameron has stirred the ghouls and goblins to manifest prematurely this “Hallowe’en” season, especially in the press. The funny part is, he has done nothing but resurrect a fairly traditional view of Halloween, and little more than hint at a deeper theological view of Christmas symbols; and for this, a mad Grinch mob composed […]