How to celebrate “Don’t send your child to school day”

A group opposing Common Core standards has taken a stand! They are promoting “Don’t send your child to school day” on November 18. They want your help: “help us send a message to the federal government.”

The group plans to show their opposition to Common Core by mass coordinated absence for one day of school. Assumedly, the children will return to school on November 19.

“Don’t send your child to school day” is, therefore, protesting socialism by acting 1/365th (0.0027) less of a socialist than normal.

Meanwhile, November 18 is chosen for this self-described “movement” “not only because this is the first day of American Education Week, but it is also Revolution Day!!”

What, never heard of “Revolution Day!!”? That’s because you’re not Mexican.

It is the Revolution in Mexico 1910–1920 that is celebrated this year on November 18. It was this Revolution that replaced a quasi-dictatorship with a socialist state. Out of this socialist Mexican “movement” came the Constitution of the United Mexican States which . . . wait for it . . . nationalized education. Read Article 3:

The education imparted by the Federal State shall be designed to develop harmoniously all the faculties of the human being and shall foster in him at the same time a love of country and a consciousness of international solidarity, in independence and justice. Said education must be . . . democratic, considering democracy not only as a legal structure and a political regimen, but as a system of life founded on a constant economic, social, and cultural betterment of the people;

It shall be national insofar as – without hostility or exclusiveness – it shall achieve the understanding of our problems, the utilization of our resources, the defense of our political independence, the assurance of our economic independence, and the continuity and growth of our culture; and it shall contribute to better human relationships, not only with the elements which it contributes toward strengthening and at the same time inculcating, together with respect for the dignity of the person and the integrity of the family, the conviction of the general interest of society, but also by the care which it devotes to the ideals of brotherhood and equality of rights of all men, avoiding privileges of race, creed, class, sex, or persons.

Private persons may engage in education of all kinds and grades. But as regards elementary, secondary, and normal education . . . they must previously obtain, in every case, the express authorization of the public power. Such authorization may be refused or revoked by decisions against which there can be no judicial proceedings or recourse.

“System of life” “education” by “the Federal State.” Heard of anything resembling this before? Common Core perhaps? “No judicial proceedings or recourse.” Hitler or Stalin would be proud.

Indeed, they were! Said Constitution went on to become the model for the Weimar Constitution of 1919 (easily usurped by Hitler), and the Soviet Constitution of 1918.

People get upset when I say that government schooling is socialism. But they have no argument against it. They spew, they sputter, they fume. But this will not change the fact that compulsory payment for state-owned and -operated compulsory services is socialism.

But when the program gets a little more logically consistent with its inherent nature, conservatives react in shock. “We want control!”

Yes, you want control, alright. Common Core aside, you still want to control other people’s money to fund your children’s, and other people’s, schooling programs. Problem is, so do the socialists who actually admit they’re socialists. And since your self-deceived policy empowers their socialism, they win. Common Core it shall be.

To practice socialism and then argue against it is to present oneself as clueless, publicly.

Now, I am not arguing that proponents of “Don’t send your child to school day” are openly proposing to adopt the Mexican Constitution or anything like that. I am just saying that the reference to it as a protest to nationalized schools is a fitting symbol of how clueless they are. Viva la Revolución!

If, instead, you really want control and responsibility for your child’s education, then advocate total privatization. Go ahead and celebrate “Don’t send your child to school day” on November 18. But do it again on November 19. Then, November 20, 21, and 365 days per year. Homeschool.

Do what the website’s ad says to do: “Empty the schools, have a family day instead!”

I agree. Let’s do this every day.

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