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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Gary DeMar


New Twin Study: People Not Born Gay

The argument is simple enough. If a person is born a certain way, who are we to judge what they are and how they act? A person born with black skin is that way because of his or her genes, but there is no behavior associated with skin color. Skin color is a benign genetic trait like hair color.

We’ve been told that homosexuality is gene-directed. A person’s DNA determines sexual attraction and identity even though the sexual organs in same-sex relationships do not line up with the genetic makeup of people of the same sex. The sexual “equipment” don’t fit.twin

One would think that sexual normalcy would coincide with sexual reproduction. It’s a rational and scientific judgment to make. Homosexuality stops the transfer of DNA to a new generation. One would think that science alone would be enough to conclude that same-sex sex is genetically counterproductive and therefore abnormal.

One way to test a hypothesis is to find similar test subjects. Twin studies have frequently been used to test genetic theories. The latest twin studies regarding homosexuality are giving more evidence that homosexuality is not DNA determined.

“Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way. . . .

“Identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions.  If homosexuality is caused by genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is gay, the co-twin should also be gay.

“‘Because they have identical DNA, it ought to be 100%,’ Dr. [Neil] Whitehead notes. But the studies reveal something else. ‘If an identical twin has same-sex attraction the chances the co-twin has it are only about 11% for men and 14% for women.’

“Because identical twins are always genetically identical, homosexuality cannot be genetically dictated. ‘No-one is born gay,’ he notes. ‘The predominant things that create homosexuality in one identical twin and not in the other have to be post-birth factors.’”

I know two sets of twins where this is true. Of course, my sample is very small, but it is an indication that DNA is not the predominate factor in the sexual choices people make.

But let’s assume that DNA does determine sexual preference. What if a case could be made that DNA determines if a person has sexual desires for children? Would this then mean that the ensuing behavior would have to be legitimized by state legislatures and anti-discrimination laws would be put in place?

Where do we stop with DNA-determined behavior? Why are some DNA-determined behaviors good and others bad? Consider the following and ask yourself this question: Why are scientists working to overcome these genetic irregularities but not homosexuality which is genetically counter productive?:

  • “Scientists say they have found a gene that predicts whether prostate cancer will develop into its most lethal form.”
  • “A research team at two Mideast universities has developed a new way to genetically alter cells in living mice; offering new possibilities in the war against cancer and other diseases.”
  • “Some of us, it seems, were just born to be bad. Scientists say they are on the verge of pinning down genetic and biochemical abnormalities that predispose their bearers to violence. An article in the journal Science . . . carried the headline EVIDENCE FOUND FOR POSSIBLE ‘AGGRESSION’ GENE.”(1)
  • “Apparently healthy men with normal weight and cholesterol levels are at three times higher risk of a heart attack if they have a common variation of a particular gene, researchers say.”(2)
  • “Salk Institute scientists say they have uncovered a gene that triggers certain forms of Leukemia, a discovery that may lead to the development of a screening test within the next few months.”(3)
  • “Researchers have found a brain chemical that boosts the craving for fat—and a way to block it without affecting the appetite for healthier foods.”(4)
  • “Why do gamblers often bet more after a losing hand? Or investors throw good money after bad? The answer may lie in the science of the brain.”(5)
  • “Is racism simply human nature or something learned from society? Neither, says a team of psychologists who, despite criticism, argue that racism represents an accidental side effect of evolution.”(6)

So even if genetics is the determining factor among people who engage in same-sex sex, this would not mean that the behavior is either genetically normal or a candidate for special legal protection.Endnotes:

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Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles, His most recent book is Exposing the Real Last Days Scoffers. Gary lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his wife, Carol. They have two married sons and four grandchildren, Gary and Carol are members of Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA).

15 Responses to New Twin Study: People Not Born Gay

  1. David Van Lant says:

    Gary, You sometimes remind me of Pit Bulls. They have a reputation for being very tenacious. Once they sink their teeth into flesh, they don’t let go. I admire that in a way, but I’m not sure that the Pit-Bull approach has ever been all that persuasive. Pit Bulls get a bad rap when it comes to their reputation since they can be very sweet-tempered. Maybe that’s the way you are too.

    I believe in freedom of speech and I don’t know you at all, but it may be that you ought to refer people to articles like this one, “Speaking Of Homosexuality” by Joe Dallas. It first appeared in Christian Research Journal, volume 29, number 06 (2006). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to:

    Dallas is far more thorough in his treatment of the issues. This may not persuade very many people either, or course, but it does come closer to Jesus’ command to His disciples when He sent them out to preach.

    “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. (Matthew 10:16 NKJV)

  2. hobart100 says:

    If there is a genetic leaning toward violence, could there be one toward self destructive behavior?
    Assuming the saying that no one would choose to be gay is true. Is it possible that some people have a leaning toward self destructive behavior and that life events, stress or even confusion is enough to tip the scale and that it can manifest in different ways? For instance, addictive behavior, socially awkward habits, or homosexuality.

  3. Hey, how come the author credit for this piece changed from Chad Trotter to Gary De Mar? I smell plagiarism in the air!!

  4. Lina says:

    I don’t know what kind of “Doctor” they got, perhaps it was the same kind of Doctor as a “Dr. Pepper” but here is some basic, basic college science:

    Just because something is genetic, does not mean it gets inherited 100% of the time. For any genetic condition, if you look at genetic twin studies, you will see that both twins do not inherit it 100% of the time. Yes, the chances are much higher of the other twin getting it, but to expect both of them to have it is highly improbable.

    “Although monozygotic twins are genetically very similar, a study of 92 pairs of monozygotic twins, carried out in November of 2012, has found that monozygotic twins acquire hundreds of genetic differences early in fetal development, due to mutations (or copy errors) taking place in the DNA of each twin after the splitting of the embryo. It is estimated that, on average, a set of monozygotic twins will have about 360 genetic differences that occurred early in fetal development.”

  5. Alex Alexander says:

    Hi Aaronieru,
    This is picky, I know. But, I’m not so bright on some things.
    Can you explain to me in simple, unambiguous, terms that I can understand, what “gay” means when you use the word.
    Alex A

  6. Dave says:

    Science has not proven there is a ‘gay gene’. Consider the following article from the findings of the APA:

    Hope this article helps in some way.

    • Guglielmo Marinaro says:

      Science hasn’t proven that there is a ‘straight gene’ either. But what does it matter?

  7. Michael Earl Riemer says:

    As a follow-up to my other comments, the post “New Twin Study: People Not Born Gay” (Which I did like) Should have been titled “New Twin Study: People Not Born Sodomites: Just Like People Are Not Born Murders Or Thieves”

    • Guglielmo Marinaro says:

      No, of course people aren’t born Sodomites, for the same reason that people aren’t born Trojans or Mycenaeans. The city of Sodom – if it ever existed – was destroyed thousands of years ago.

  8. J.T. says:

    You say 8 major studies have shown the same result (presumably these are twin studies looking at homosexuality). Compelling evidence if these studies are well done. Do not see any studies like this listed in references. Do you have any references for these 8 studies?

  9. Tony Kotula says:

    Very good article. Too bad if knee jerk liberals can’t accept the
    facts. People are not born gay. Neither are they born criminals, or
    sexual predators. It’ s a learned behavior. So tired of hearing all the
    excuses for “old fashioned sin”

    • Aaronieru says:

      Wait, so being gay is on the same level as being a criminal or sexual predator? Yeah, if there’s something wrong with anybody here it’s you. So tired of people using the bible as an excuse to persecute others.

      • Paul says:

        Aronieru, How do you measure morality or immorality?

      • Michael Earl Riemer says:

        I am gay. But I am not a sodomite, nor do I practice sodomy. Good article, but I am tired of seeing people use the word “gay” instead of using the proper word/s (sodomite/sodomy) regarding disgusting acts between men and men and women and women.

        And yes, Aaronieru, those who practice sodomy are criminals. And they are in the same category as sexual predators and murders. And as far as I know, sodomy used to be a crime in all the states. Just because, now, in most states it is not listed as a criminal act, does not change the fact that it is! God did not change His mind concerning this behavior.

        So, you are tired of people using the law to prosecute criminals? It is not persecution to prosecute, try and convict those who are guilty of crimes or criminal (sodomy) acts.

        Persecution? No, but if you are consistent with your belief (evolution, which you probably believe in), wouldn’t it would serve a useful purpose, to help “cull the herd,” for those who practice sodomy introduce sickness and disease into the general population, and they do not reproduce.

    • Michael,

      I found your response to be very interesting.
      Most people who use that word “sodomite” have the high potential of offending others. It is very interesting to me that you, as a homosexual man, actually PREFER that this word be used.

      Your words are logically correct regardless of whether it comes from you (a non-practicing homosexual) or someone else (hetero). But, there is an intangible aspect when something is said in certain contexts by particular individuals that somehow give more “weight” to those statements..

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