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Georgia’s Christian Heritage Day at the State Capitol: September 13th
Jul 27, 2012
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“I knew my call was to Georgia, and that I had taken leave of London, and could not justly go from the soldiers, who were committed to my charge.” George Whitfield, Evangelist of the Great Awakening

We often speak about the Christian heritage of America in general, but few people know how that was manifested in the individual states. History shows that God is not merely concerned with nations and empires, but also with local communities. While tyrants since the day of Babylon have tried to unite the world under one banner, God has always worked to tranform individual hearts inside-out. While pagans try to use the force of nations to change people, God uses individual people to change nations. This is just as true in our home state of Georgia as it is anywhere else in the world.

American Vision invites you to come for a day of discovery as we uncover some of the lost, obscured, and untold Christian history about the last British colony in North America that broke from its namesake. Families who come will receive a tour of the Georgia State Capitol as they hear how the providence of God impacted Georgia to bring us the freedoms we enjoy today. From the spark of the Great Awakening with George Whitfield to the legacy of the Puritans at Midway, to the forgotten story of how homeschooling became legal in Georgia, this day will chronicle the special blessings of God on our home state.

We will also have the opportunity to learn about civics and to meet several Georgia state legislators. It will be a great educational field trip for Christian students from elementary to high school ages. Registration includes special discounts for families. Contact us for other special group rates.

Schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., September 13, 2012

Location: The Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta

Click here to register for this event!

Topics: How Homeschooling Became Legal in Georgia, The Christian Founding of Georgia, The Christian Heroes of Georgia, How a Bill becomes Law in Georgia, and much more!

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Nathaniel Darnell

Nathaniel Darnell holds his juris doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law and serves as the Director of Ministry Advancement at American Vision. He is the author of the novel "Glory, Duty, & Gold Dome" and the producer of over 100 commercial videos. Before working as the Director of the Video Department at Vision Forum Ministries for five years, he served for eight years as a legislative aide at the Georgia State Capitol.

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