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Published on August 31st, 2011 | by Gary DeMar


Is The Earthquake In DC A Sign Of The End?

Is the earthquake that impacted Washington, DC a sign of the end? You might be surprised that it’s not the first earthquake to shake our nation’s capital, but it will undoubtedly lead prophetic speculators to conclude that we are nearing the end of all things. Dr. Gary DeMar discusses all this and more here on Vantage Point.
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About the Author

Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles, His most recent book is Exposing the Real Last Days Scoffers. Gary lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his wife, Carol. They have two married sons and four grandchildren, Gary and Carol are members of Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA).

2 Responses to Is The Earthquake In DC A Sign Of The End?

  1. Len says:

    I guess some toes are being stepped on that need stepping on!

  2. Len says:

    I was glancing through some posts on a Christian writer’s forum that I belong to, and sure enough, among some of the general comments on the earthquake (thankfulness for minimal damage, etc.) someone pointed out that this was further indication that we are living in the “end times.”

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