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Published on April 15th, 2011 | by Dr. Joel McDurmon


Restoring America One County at a Time: Introduction

There are 3,000+ counties in the U.S.

Here at American Vision we get a steady stream of comments and questions. After our conferences, speeches, articles, the number-one question we always get is this: “What Can We Do?” In response to that, we have begun this new project called, “Restoring America One County at a Time.” This project attempts to provide practical answers to that question in at least ten major areas of life. The steps are not easy, but if we’re truly serious about a free society, this project will help you make a beginning.

In this introduction to the project, I want to discuss briefly its nature and scope.

First, this is a practical project. It focuses on things that can be done and done now. In most of these areas, there are things we can do immediately to have an impact. Many people are already doing them with considerable success. In other areas, the practical steps involve larger social changes and thus will be things to file away for a little later (but in the mean time, planning and working to be in a position to serve and lead when opportunities arise). But the more we concentrate on the things we must do—and which we can do now—to restore a free society, the more we will open up the possibility of the larger changes. We have to rebuild the foundational matters first in order to have something lasting on which to build the rest of society. And so, I’ve made an attempt to prioritize the topics of this course according to their Practicality for the average individual now. We’ll talk about the ten topics in a minute.

Secondly, this project focuses on localism, not Nationalism or national politics, or even so much States rights (although States rights will play an important role). Patriotism is primarily a love of one’s homeland, their roots, not their Nation-State (that was a later perversion of patriotism). And historically, the County was the fundamental unit of government—people rarely had contact or obligation to any government official beyond that. This should become an ideal once again for today, and it can. Focusing on localism—County Rights—we can make very practical and meaningful steps toward saving this country from all forms of tyranny. If we don’t have the vision, and the integrity, and the willingness to sacrifice to take back freedom in our homes, neighborhoods, towns, and counties in areas of life where we can now, then the dream of taking back America is a delusion. So, here we’ll have an emphasis on restoring America county by county, YOUR COUNTY, one county at a time. And the overall goal is to inspire individuals and cell groups in each of America’s 3000+ counties, to implement the vision we will discuss.

Thirdly, this is a project only for people serious about Freedom. What I mean to say is that there are very real sacrifices that you will have make in your personal lifestyle, especially in the areas of personal finances, time management, self-improvement, and family education. It is simply going to take a commitment of time and money and discipline toward a better future. I will frankly, honestly, openly address the issue of sacrifices; we will talk about the stumbling-blocks and psychological hurdles we’ll have to get over to restore America to the freedom it once had. As part of this we will address how we have grown accustomed to living off government “benefits” at all levels of government, and what it will mean to live in a world where you personally refuse to accept those benefits (while they still exist right in front of your face, ripe for the taking), and eventually a world where those benefits no longer exist as a function of State coercion. If you want to escape the trap of tyranny, you have to have to have the mentality of the wise mouse who said, “To heck with the cheese; let’s get out of this trap.” And so this is for serious lovers of freedom only—those willing to change their lifestyle, to sacrifice, in order to recover individual and social integrity.

Finally for now, this is a long-term project. I am planning and working in order to make a better life for my children—but even more importantly, for my grandchildren, and their children. You will not take back America overnight no matter how you go about it, and anyone—especially a politician—who promises you that you can is lying to get your vote. But, you will never take America back without starting and implementing lasting changes, and this requires a multi-generational vision. Involved in this mentality is one of the sacrifices I just mentioned—that is, we are probably not going to reap all the benefits of a free society for ourselves in our immediate lifetimes. But if we don’t work toward that goal doing the things we can do now, then our future generations will have to start from scratch in an even more degraded society. So, we’ll focus on commitment to steady, slow yet meaningful progress toward a much larger, long-term vision of a free society.

This is the nature of our project: 1) practical efforts, 2) locally focused, 3) personal sacrifice, with 4) a long-term vision.

We can summarize these with the following ideas: 1) Things to be done, 2) County-by-County, 3) Don’t take the cheese, 4) Plan for your grandkids.

These are not only aspects of a truly free society, they are all biblical Christian concepts; and we’ll discuss that some in each of the topics we cover.

With this vision and a commitment to it, we can begin, truly, to Take Back America. This is not only the way, but also I believe it is the only way.

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Let me tell you also about the structure of this project. I will cover each of the topics in three brief segments, each available online in video and print format, as well as for sale eventually in DVD and book format. Whatever the topic is, I will cover first, How it was once free; Second, How that freedom was lost; and Third, the steps to get it back. So in the end we should have a total of about thirty to thirty-five brief articles and videos. From there we hope to open web forums for local groups to have discussions, and I will add supplementary informative videos as we see helpful.

So with this vision of locally-focused practicality in mind, let’s briefly introduce the ten topics. Here I plan to introduce these in very a brief summary of each. In subsequent posts, over time, we will break down each topic individually in greater detail. This is a basic introduction to each general topic—and some of these may morph, change, or expand into more than one, or we may add others depending on how things work out.

The areas in which the there are things we can do, locally, seriously, now—are these:

1. Education: The first and foremost is education. Education is one area in which you can still have almost complete control. And I’m not just talking about educating yourself; I’m talking about your children. Education in a free society can only be private, never government-run at any level. Whether you choose to employ a private school or to home-school, government-operated, tax-funded schools cannot be an option for a free society. Taking control for yourself here requires no change in existing laws, only your lifestyle. In the case of many people, this could be implemented tomorrow, if not in few months. It’s only a test of desire—Do you really want a free society? There are economic and psychological hurdles here, and we will address those in the detailed presentation. For now, government schools are the heart of the problem of government-dominated society. You can change this personally now, and you should. All that is stopping us is the perceived benefit of free schooling and childcare during the day. This is the cheese. Don’t take the cheese. Do you really want a free society, or do you depend on tax-funded benefits like the liberals and socialists you criticize? This is priority number one. If we are serious about freedom, we have to start with education. If you can’t do this one, forget the rest! Nothing about truly restoring America will be easier and more readily obtainable than taking free control over your family’s education. There’s nothing stopping you here.

2. We must end our personal dependence on the Welfare State: social security is a problem, but it doesn’t have to be a trap. This means we need to learn and plan for our own financial futures, privately, while we phase out of social security over time. The issue here is that welfare of all forms should be a privately funded and insured affair, not supported through taxation. Family and charity can replace the Welfare State. Again we must refuse the benefit. Don’t take the cheese. Of course, this will certainly means personal sacrifices. Again, we will outline the personal impediments in the more detailed talk, and speak frankly about how to overcome them and what the costs will be.

3. Localism: We will give a more detailed discussion of what we call “County Rights.” The real practical solution to big-government intrusion in our lives is not so much states’ rights, but county rights. This brings government and community home to a more grass-roots level where it ought to be. “Support your local sheriff,” is a good way to remember this. We will emphasize a truly local vision, and focus on smaller practical things we can impact now. In this process, we expose the areas where the sovereignty of local communities is compromised by receiving federal and state funding for perceived benefits. We will emphasize learning about, monitoring, and interacting with local authorities, and we will emphasize local applications of “Don’t take the cheese.”

4. National vs. State Sovereignty (Banks, Interstate Commerce, Taxation). We will discuss the history of the Nationalist takeover in this country which began immediately after the Constitution. We will discuss the agenda of big banks, the military-industrial complex, and national taxation, as well as the politicians who engineered the plan and why. From this we will be in a position to recommend ways of living that minimize our personal involvement in this tyranny, and discuss the role of nullification and interposition which are becoming more popular today. While we are emphasizing County Rights primarily, States Rights are important also as a buffer, and as part of a truly federal system of government.

5. Taxes: Taxation must be returned to only a local level, the way this country was founded and designed to be run. We’ll cover the Income Tax amendment and the drastic change in American society it represents. We will discuss the nature and scope of taxation in a truly federal society; we will see why the power to tax is the power to destroy; and we will discuss the role of taxation—if any—in a truly free local society.

6. Money (Breaking the Federal reserve System): We’ll review the question, “What has government done with our money?” We will discuss money and currency in American history, particularly the several instances of failed paper currency. We will discuss the role of government coercion in banking and debt: counterfeiting laws, war, welfare, restrictions on states, etc. and why these laws exist. We will discuss who profited (and still does) from these arrangements, and what happened to real wealth in each case. We will discuss alternative currencies, banking, the benefits and sacrifices of freedom in money, and also how to protect your personal wealth from a devalued paper/digital currency. Gold is wealth, why is it not money? What’s the government got against gold?

7. We must return to truly free markets: the sanctity of private property, the enforcement of contracts, and the right not to engage in contracts. We will discuss the role government coercion and manipulation in money has played in business and the economy: inflation, legal tender laws, the business cycle, government corporatism (essentially fascism here in America), etc. Why did one American statesman once complain that debtors were chasing down their creditors and “paying them without mercy”?

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8. We will discuss Judicial Tyranny. We’ll see how the Constitution centralized power over the various local courts in this land, and how this was immediately exploited to favor big-government agendas. We’ll trace subsequent expansions of government based on that early precedent. The remedy to recover freedom is decentralization of courts, local and separate jurisdictions, and even private courts (perhaps especially), all with only local law enforcement. We’ll see one check and balance against the Court in the Constitution most people don’t even know exists, and yet it’s been used to protect mainly big-government interests so far—even recently. The key to the abortion issue, family protections, and much more lies in the issue of decentralizing the judiciary. Believe it or not, there are actually practical steps you can take here as well.

9. One of the most important areas—and perhaps that in which Christians are most deceived—is to reclaim the Military. We must support and demand a decentralized defense system instead of the national empire we’ve witnessed for over a century. We’ll give a close look at biblical rules for the military and war. Patriotism does not mean Militarism. Patriotism does not mean Empire. Being patriotic and conservative does not mean always supporting everything the military does. Anti-war is not Anti-American. We will discuss how the military was originally decentralized and promised to be called up only for defense, but was changed to become a powerful centralized force designed to serve the interests of the central government, and later for prolonged international conflict. We will show how and why this was done in American history, and who profited from it at the expense of millions of lives and trillions of dollars. We will propose practical steps that you personally can take now at least to gain the moral high ground in the process of returning from offensive corporate-state militarism to true armed patriotism.

10. We have to a look at Inter- and IntraNational Tyranny: Treaties and Executive Orders. How do they work? What safeguards do we have against them if necessary? Why are we vulnerable to international organizations because of them? And how can we best work to protect ourselves from them?

These are the ten beginning topics; some of them may sound pretty large and intimidating, and that’s because they are. But keep in mind, we’re going to focus on things we can do through small practical changes, personal sacrifice, local service, and a long-term vision. None of this will change overnight, but if we don’t lay the necessary foundations for freedom, it will never change (and in fact, it will get worse). So if you’re serious about freedom, please help spread the word, promote, anticipate, and support in every way you can the project of Restoring America One County at a Time. Many people have already donated to this project due to our snail mail announcement. I am very excited about getting this work up and out. Filming is underway, more scripts are being written, and these are being adapted to make articles and chapter titles—all as you read this right now.

Please pray, and spread the word. Please keep emailing me with any and all comments and questions you may have; please, keep pushing me to advance this, improve it, and promote it.

Leave comments below, or email me directly:


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About the Author

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. in Theology from Pretoria University, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He has authored seven books and also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website. He joined American Vision's staff in the June of 2008. Joel and his wife and four sons live in Dallas, Georgia.

49 Responses to Restoring America One County at a Time: Introduction

  1. Pat pederson says:

    Great! Let’s do it!

  2. Bruce says:

    Great article Joel. The subject of localism has constantly been in my thoughts and a focus of my prayers. Although both Gary North and R J Rushdoony have spoken on the subject, I have been searching for more material, esp. on the office of sheriff which you cover more in the following article. I believe that the office of sheriff is one of the most important political offices due to the power to protect the county citizens from tyranny and encroachment of their rights from larger, more distant civil governments.

  3. Ed Flaspoehler says:

    Exodus 20-16: Thou shalt not bear False Witness against your neighbor.

    Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. ~Woodrow Wilson

  4. Ed Flaspoehler says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. As Sinclair Lewis said, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.” And this is definitely American Theocracy at its slickest.

  5. Steven Donovan says:

    You can not be serious. This is a fine example of pure evil. Totalitarianism.

  6. Keith Wheeler says:

    The United States of America is a nation built on religious freedom. This means that people are free to worship as they please, or not at all, without government interference. It is not based solely on Christianity.
    What you are proposing is a religious theocracy, much like that of the Islamists. My greatest hope is that you fail miserably in you plans.
    Please note, that I support your right to worship as you please. But these beliefs belong in your churches and your homes. Not in OUR government.
    I understand that you disagree with my feelings. I write this, only to be counted as one voice in complete opposition.

  7. Jesse says:


    I notice you comment on almost all of these government-type blog posts on AV and continually throw ad hominem attacks at Ron Pal, Gary North, libertarians, etc. I find it interesting and it makes me think that perhaps either ASeattleConservative is a troll, but I might be wrong. I live in Seattle, and I can tell you that it is one of the most “conservative” cities in our nation (therefore your call tag isn’t quite as clever as you might think) people are simply conservative about statist ideals, ungodliness, and maintaining the lifestyle they have either already achieved or wish to achieve, all while denying God and the Bible. Being “conservative” is not necessarily a good thing, and one may be conservative according to a dogma (a conservative Obama-ite, or a conservative liberal progressivist, or a conservative recycler, or a conservative thief of other people’s time and wealth) and still be a hater of freedom in Christ. It sounds to me like ASeattleConservative is just like the culture around him/her in Seattle by ignoring sound appeals to a Biblical worldview advocated by AV and others like Mr. North and McDurmon (and going further back, Rushdoony, VanTil, Bahnsen), and instead you would rather call people names and advocate what seems to be a statist worldview that has Jesus mixed in here and there. Is there somewhere I can read your well thought out Biblical critique of the views you oppose, without you calling people traitors and such other things? It scares me a bit to think I may fellowship with someone who seems to be so against people who simply want to spread the freedom of Christ as taught in the Bible.

  8. Billy says:

    Great article. I will be praying that this will succeed America needs to do this

    In the mean time I am wondering how to implement this on South Africa. We do not have counties. But I think it could work on a town by town basis just as well.

    Looking forward to your next article Joel.

  9. Cromwell says:

    I’d recommend a study of Robert Kagan’s “Dangerous Nation” and Walter Russell Mead’s “Special Providence” as a pre-requesite before delving into the isolationist myth created in the 1920′s that still haunts us to this day.

    • Cromwell says:

      See his 75 NARAL rating in 2006 I believe, or 65 NARAL rating in 2005, supporting the abortion lobbies agenda……or recent Gay agenda votes.

      Or being the Pork King of the Congress, going as far ignoring the GOP’s self-imposed Ban last year on Pork and racking up millions. Pelosi let him have 4 times the amount of Pork she let Marxist Sheila Jackson-Lee

      and of course the wild conspiracy mongering and in many cases out right lying.

      You lose all honor when you go on the house floor and accuse the CinC of plotting a “Gulf of Tonkin”(disproved conspiracy theory at that) to pave way for war against ‘innocent’, free trade loving Iran….as Paul has done and worse.

      He is most certainly a traitor to many things. The entire MO of his group, is Anarchism and deceiving conservatives and republicans away from traditional conservatism. Payback for the fact they were nothing without the GOP brand and platform, and of course for blackballing their idiol, Murray Rothbard, from the Conservative movement. Which is what Goldwater and Buckley wisely did.

      • Jordan says:

        “See his 75 NARAL rating in 2006 I believe, or 65 NARAL rating in 2005, supporting the abortion lobbies agenda”

        He does not support the abortion lobbies’ agenda. He is against Roe v. Wade. He is for States’ rights on the matter. He is pro-life. (yeah, that means anti-war, dear Christian)

        “……or recent Gay agenda votes.”

        “Gay” agenda? You mean that government should have no business in “marriage licensing” at all? Yeah, I’m in agreement. Marriage has nothing to do with the State. Every human being has a right to voluntarily interact with another, as long as they do not violate anyone else’s rights. They may be transgressing against God, and that is between God and man.

        “Or being the Pork King of the Congress, going as far ignoring the GOP’s self-imposed Ban last year on Pork and racking up millions. Pelosi let him have 4 times the amount of Pork she let Marxist Sheila Jackson-Lee”

        Paul votes against “earmarks”, but, being a “representative” (as if anyone could represent another, let along thousands…but I digress)…being a representative, he makes sure the “pork” goes to the local constituency. That’s his job.

        What kind of garbage have you been READING, man??

        “and of course the wild conspiracy mongering…”

        Poison the well much? As if there are no conspiracies. Good grief, are you twelve?

        “and in many cases out right lying.”


        “You lose all honor when you go on the house floor and accuse the CinC of plotting a “Gulf of Tonkin”(disproved conspiracy theory at that) to pave way for war against ‘innocent’, free trade loving Iran….as Paul has done and worse.”

        “lose all honor”!?? Are you kidding me? And what’s with the childish exaggerations? The US military has zero right interfering in the trade of other nations (sanctions, etc…are absolutely immoral), and have zero right INVADING any other nations for their contrived reasons.

        “He is most certainly a traitor to many things. The entire MO of his group, is Anarchism and deceiving conservatives and republicans away from traditional conservatism. ”

        Thank God. He is not “deceiving” anyone. Who talks like this? it’s almost as if you’re regurgitating stuff from the bully pulpit of the neocons.

        “Payback for the fact they were nothing without the GOP brand and platform, and of course for blackballing their idiol, Murray Rothbard, from the Conservative movement. Which is what Goldwater and Buckley wisely did.”

        Buckley hasn’t a clue what actual conservatism nor liberty is. I’m thankful for guys like Rothbard who can see the State for the mafia that it is.

        • jp1 says:

          Ron Paul has many Pro-abortion votes. Roe (along with modern technology) have made these votes very much Federal Issues, and many would argue the Declaration of Independence made Life a Federal issue to begin with(…..”Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit”….”)

          His NARAL ratings are indeed shocking, though understandable seeing what he has voted against. It appears he’s an anti-conservative Contrarian who has voted to empower the Abortion Industry, and his contradictory rhetorical excuses place Government as the more important thing in his life rather than the issue of Life and Right/Wrongness of Killing the most innocent among us.

  10. Jordan says:

    Wow, look at all the “Ron Paul is a traitor” comments. Such maturity here. The only principled man in Congress, who understands a “traitor”. Traitor to WHAT!? To Statism? Yeah. Thank God.

    Good Lord….

  11. jp says:

    There are multiple problems with these interpretations, among them are:

    1) States Rights or county rights were one thing during the era of the horse and buggy and no technology to speak of. Today, a State or County can say, outlaw Gambling…yet its citizens are gambling(wildly in some cases) on the internet. Or say, a minor can leave their state requiring parental notification for an abortion, and get an abortion in another state via mass transportation making this possible….something traitors like Ron Paul voted to allow to happen and in support of NARAL when the Feds. were voting on a law to stop this.

    2) The history Joel is and will be citing is alot more nuanced and alot more to it, and not going to be covered when one gets much of their resources from Anarchist outlest like Lew Rockwell & co.

  12. aSeattleConservative says:

    The culture war has been lost (thanks to apathetic Christians and traitors like Ron Paul). While I sit back enjoying life watching the above get what they deserve, I anxiously await either the Second Coming of Christ, or an armed revolution, whichever comes first. I pray to God it’s the latter.

    • ethan says:

      If you’re looking for the second coming of Christ, you’re probably unaware that, in Matthew 24:36-25:46, Jesus continues to tell the disciples to work with the gifts they’ve been given. Thus, if you’re willing just to sit back, I wouldn’t be too hopeful on the results of His return personally…just a thought.

  13. Steve Van Lant says:

    This is exciting! I can’t wait to see this develop and I am definitely serious about freedom. The thought has been on my heart lately as to what can I do? I will help spread the word and be personally involved in any way I can.
    Thanks Joel and Company!

  14. A breath of fresh air, Joel. I’m very happy to see this article and would be thrilled to see AV heading in this direction. I might have to take back some of my criticism of you guys :)

  15. Rodger says:

    Excellent article, woderful concept. Now we need a flag carrier to rally around, details on that please.

    • Hello Rodger – I’d encourage you to seriously think about being the flag carrier that others can rally around. Intimidating? Perhaps… But I think this is the point of Joel’s message. Each one of us are gifted in different ways, and can lead either through a behind-the-scenes involvement, or in the forefront. I’m just a guy in my community too, and I’ve often not felt overly equipped to be a teacher or motivator. But I’m doing what I can, and hopefully am helping advance the truth of Christ in all areas of life. (see my website

  16. Jordan says:

    Good stuff, Joel. Look forward to seeing how some of this play out in your future articles. I’m sure you know by now from our interactions on FB that I simply disagree with any coercion by government, and am afraid of even the powers of county governments over the people…but I assume this will likely be covered, so will withhold judgment until then :-)

    I can’t disagree with the majority of what you say, though! Well done


  17. Paul says:

    This is what I’ve been for for some time now and I couldn’t agree more. All ten are important for reclaiming our country. And definitely “Don’t take the cheese.”

  18. ThirstyJon says:

    I am very much looking forward to this series. This article itself is quite inspiring.

  19. Good stuff Joel…. I’m down for all 10 myself… (as if Social Security will exist when I get that age…LOL…)… Looking forward to more on this…. Education is the key…it’s crazy how all the Humanist figured this out but the Church folks are still scratching their heads b/c they send their children to school a Christian and get a Hellion in return.

  20. Jeff S says:

    Great, but why reinvent the wheel; America’s biggest problem is the majority of its citizens don’t really understand their Constitution. You see this all the time in the fact that they have been coerced to believe that we have a democracy when the original intent and the purpose of our Constitution was a republic. If America doesn’t understand the three branches of government and its role, you’ll be herding cats and the powers that be will continue to laugh.

    I do agree that your idea though.

    On your point number 7, our free markets should have a caveat, you don’t trade with nations that don’t respect property.

    I attend local meetings and most of the people there are Christians from different churches, this is a good thing, but they are only a few from each group, the rest I guess are to pious.

    • ThirstyJon says:

      It doesn’t sound like “reinventing the wheel” to me, it sounds like restoring the wheel.

      • Jeff S says:

        That’s my point, the wheel is already there you don’t need a new one, use the one you already have.

      • Jeff S says:

        I tried to post this earlier. Your missing my point the wheel is already there you just need to us it.

        • E Harris says:

          The biblical approach that Joel is espousing here… transcends the constitution of the “united states”. We got to get back to the Bible. Otherwise, we will have no footing for re-establishing the Constitution. We only received a chance for state governments and national governments that we elected, because we won a war. The reason we won a war, was because we were fighting for our homes and justice under GOD…not for some constitution somewhere. If you understand the social forces at play then and today… the constitution was a usurpation of a peace that GOD created, because the people were fighting for their families, freedom, and GOD. Then the statists came & took over.

          History does not work in reverse. New movements always replace the old. The only way renewed vigor can be behind the Constitution, is if there is a battle promoting something HIGHER, and the Constitution is the compromise that the statists seek!

        • Jeff S says:

          I’ll check it out. It looks like there’s a lot to read so it will take a while. Thanks.

        • Jeff says:

          Thanks. I read some of the pages from the link you gave me. I agree with the point that we need to elect moral Christian people. I am sure that you and E Harris are both good decent people and I appreciate your concern for a better world.

          I have heard it stated by Gary DeMar that we have lost influence over society not because they beat us, but because we walked away from the battle. I’m sure I’m paraphrasing, but you get the point.

          One link I found on that Site makes the point of how leaders should be appointed by the standards listed. This was already tried by the Puritans’ and resulted in disaster on 1692-1693.

          “Sed quis custodiet ipso custodies” (Who will guard the guards?) –Juvenal 1st Century A.D.

          I have also witnessed this type of thinking by being in a church that thought this way also, it also had outlandish goings on inside of it, they wanted to keep everything inside the so called fold. It taught me one thing that I will never forget, you don’t trust people with too much power, I don’t care who they are. Remember Ancient Israel had a lot of evil kings.

          I say we need to use and restore the Constitution we have with Godly moral people it would work fine. Government is needed to protect us from each other and foreign threats. If this Country breaks apart it won’t be paradise, it would be invaded posthaste, and yes we should be thankful for our military.

    • “America’s biggest problem is the majority of its citizens don’t really understand their Constitution. ” Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more, but, I would add, Christians in particular. I hope you will take a look at “Bible Law vs. The Untied States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” I assure you it’s not the Christian document that most Christians today have been hoodwinked into thinking it is and rather than the answer to, it’s the genesis to everything gone wrong in America since 1788. Listen to a 3 1/2 minute audio introduction here.

      • Jeff S says:

        Mr. Weiland,

        Your point about Clinton is exactly right, I remember that things changed for the worse morally when his, in particular, sexcapades were in the public arena, but Ross Perot helped him get elected.


    • “America’s biggest problem is the majority of its citizens don’t really understand their Constitution. ” Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more, but, I would add, Christians in particular. I hope you will take a look at a href=>“Bible Law vs. The Untied States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” I assure you it’s not the Christian document that most Christians today have been hoodwinked into thinking it is and rather than the answer to, it’s the genesis to everything gone wrong in America since 1788. Listen to a 3 1/2 minute audio introduction here.

  21. Joel W says:

    Joel, great job – I’ll be following this with keen interest.

  22. Charles Johnson says:

    I think this is one of the most generational wise, practical articles I’ve ever read. Great job! I’m in on all 10 points. Where do we muster for duty?

  23. Jared says:

    I have really enjoyed your work at American Vision. I like your initial idea and some of your points here, especially about education. However, in points 4 and 9 you have unfortunately shown your ignorance of the history pertaining to those subjects. As a proud Hamiltonian Federalist, I can say on so many levels that you are wrong and for that reason I can not join you. Sorry.

    • E Harris says:

      Wow! Joel, thank you! You don’t know how badly we NEED this. Of course, then again… you probably do!

      No, Jared. In points 4 and 9, Joel is showing a solid understanding of the social elements in play when men have too much centralized power at their disposal. He is showing a firm knowledge and grasp of history, economics, Bible, etc. We need to be the way Israel was BEFORE the kings (which were only supposed to be symbols of Jesus Christ, before He came). We need to model our earthly civilization more after Israel BEFORE the kings, not Israel AFTER the kings. God wants a PEOPLE, who are FREE, not a people bound (forever) to various earthly collectives.

      Now, I understand the worry about physical takeover and invasion by other countries/outsiders. But how did ancient Israel take care of that problem, literally? I know we face atomic bombs, and huge economic threats, etc. BUT… it was the nation-state that garnished the power to develop such weapons in the first place. Something in human nature needs to be fought against, here. This is not the time for blind nationalism. I don’t think we can stop the depression and (quite possible) invasion that is coming. But we can fight, for each other, PERSONALLY! What is a nation state in the first place? Who gets to “run” it? That’s the wrong approach in the first place. We need to be a people, who love people, and love our neighbors…in a way that makes it obvious that we are not fighting for a beast-system (that is easily hijacked, by a persuasive leader). America has shown the way before. In the battle(s) to come, the American PEOPLE will have to show the way, again. We are the strongest, visible “city on a hill” that the world can see. We have all different kinds of people here. We still consider ourselves a christian people. WE can be a light to the world. But that means that we have to prepare for some tough battles – because the church in America has already lost the collective (America) that we formed for ourselves.

      Ultimately, if (in a worst case scenario) we get attacked & pillaged…and have to fight/resist neighborhood-by-neighborhood… we can still win. You see, nowadays most people (except some of the crazier Islamicists) don’t really want to blow EVERYONE up. They want the resources. But what if the resources are gone? What if there are none to take? WHAT IF THERE IS NO POSSIBLE COORDINATED APPARATUS TO TAKE THE WEALTH AND FREEOM FROM THE PEOPLE? Outsiders would tire of endless colonial occupation. And they would either retreat or assimilate. (That’s my theory.) We would absorb them culturally, or show them how it’s done.

      It would be AWESOME if the Tea Party would morph into what Joel has explained here. It begins with taking responsibility for ourselves. I am one little guy over in Racine County, Wisconsin…but I am learning, beginning to do the best that I can, beginning to take a stand, beginning to network and strategize. We saw the need for all of this years ago, if not decades ago. Now it’s time to begin DOING it on a larger scale. Instead of person-by-person, instead of focusing too much on the details of AD 70 doctrine (in this hour)… we need to get off of our butts!!!! (That’s my opinion!)

      • Jared says:

        I don’t know either of you so I don’t mean to jump to conclusions. But the rhetoric coming from both you and Joel would seem to indicate that neither of you have ever really had to fight for freedom. You also both seem to appeal to the “good ol’ days” before our Constitution was ratified. This plan seems like an anti-federalist on steroids. That is why I say there is much historical ignorance displayed here. The truth is we never even would have won our independence with the military strategy that Joel has in place. The American government during the Revolutionary war was just short of chaos. They couldn’t even raise the money from the states to fund the army to fight. I’d love you both to look at the men who sacrificed at Valley Forge without food and clothing and tell them that the system they were living under was superior then the one set up in large part due to the Federalists. Also, there is the pesky little fact that America had to borrow huge sums of money from foreign nations to win that war as well as enlist the help of the French military. What you are calling for a return to just shows your ignorance of the subject. I’m not trying to be overly harsh. But these are just facts, which are things libertarians would rather avoid in preference to emotionally reacting to the evils of Progressivism.

        I wonder how this “county by county” system would really work in practice. What if one county wants to use gold as their medium exchange? another silver? another paper? another tooth picks? You could never run an efficient economy that way! What if some counties want to go back to slavery? Oh, I know. In this system the Confederates were the heroes and the Lincoln was probably an evil tyrant too right?? Another classic piece of fiction. But seriously, most of this is just absurd. And it bothers me because there are a lot of good things this blog produces that would be a help to the conservative movement. Crazy posts like this only discredit the legitimate points. I am all for cutting government and getting rid of many of its departments and stripping its power. But this vision that Joel is presenting is as nonsensical and utopian as that of the liberals.

        • E Harris says:

          Hi, Jared. You’re definately a more respectful writer than I!!!

          This is not emotional overreaction to progressivism. (Although it is a suitable response.) This is a biblical way of BEING the church. Period. We (church men) are not a nation state. I mean, it was ok while it lasted, but look what even the GOOD DAYS brought us. We are the church. It’s time to start building city-wide church networks and organic fellowships. It is time to pray and lead AS JESUS WOULD.

          I understand your position. It’s typically conservative, and until a few months ago, I considered myself a conservative. For 20 years I considered myself conservative. I NOW know what that word means. It basically means the “National Review” crowd, complete with Krauthammer (a borderline progressive RINO). The fact is, the constitution itself is not a perfect document (which I used to believe it was). The constitution itself is flawed. Deeply. Possibly Irredeemably. WE (the church) are not a collective. We should exert all the peaceful force that we can to press for freedom and peace UNDER GOD, but not at the expense of compromising WHO we are as the Bride of Christ. God wants a PURE order, with HIM at the Head, not some haphazard humanist-bible mix.

          Yes, I am beyond traditional “libertarian” at this point, probably. I don’t know. I just want to follow the Bible. If we stand on the Bible (the words that christians ALL OVER THE US have in their homes, and preach from the pulpits) then we will be standing on the words that CAN unite us if/when they are properly understood. It is the force of the Bible, and the Spirit of God, moving through History that gets things done. NOT half-solutions of what-works-for-now. People don’t truly fight for what-works-for-now. That’s a defensive position to take, and a losing proposition. The last 200 years have proven that. Instead of waste our energy building things that will collapse…let’s invest in the kingdom. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. The more people we can get who experience this, and know how to walk in it, the better off earth will be!

          Truth is universal. Stand on truth.

        • E Harris says:

          I would like to “amend” my previous statement. When I said that the US Constitution was “deeply flawed” I probably don’t mean the same thing that Obama means when HE says that it is “fundamentally flawed.”

          Obama means that the constitution stands in the way of a statist collective. I mean the exact opposite. The Constitution of the United States of America formed a collective out of two main factions, and gave them both equal representation in each other’s affairs. The 2 factions were: the church, and those who are not a part of Christ’s church. We basically gave unbelievers a voice in what WE do with our own lives and money. We let possible unbelievers regulate us. And since unbelievers crave power, and gravitate toward power… we set up our own slow demise.

          That is the Constitution of the United States of America.

          We should not waste too much concern or energy fighting for a lost cause: a collective that is not GOD’S pure establishment. We should let our voices be heard, but place our work squarely in the kingdom of God. Invest in the Kingdom of God. THAT is our safety, our peace, the secret to prosperity. Our walls are salvation, and our gates are praise.

        • ethan says:

          Amen! I don’t understand why people want to stand on sinking sand (the constitution) and not the solid rock (the Holy Scriptures).

    • wes says:

      If you want to help change things for the better, don’t be so vague. How do you think 4 and 9 are wrong? Give us your thoughts so we know what your talking about. We can all learn from different perspectives. Godly men will not always agree.

      Thank you.

    • Cromwell says:

      One thing “libertarians” as well as their, actually progressive cousins(modern Rothbardian libertarianism is an off-shoot of the 60′s hippy revoluition), do is interpret the Constitution and that period of history particularly the way a rabid Fundamentlist interprets the Bible. Cut/Paste as Mark Levin just humuliated Tom Woods in illustrating the difference between Constitutional Originalism and selective cut/paste of select quotes.

      You could make Obama out to be great free market capitalist by taking things he’s said and piecing them together. In 100yrs someone probably will.

      • Joel McDurmon Joel McDurmon says:

        Actually, Levin did nothing to humiliate anyone, except maybe himself. His alleged “response” to Woods addressed none of his points and provided no specifics. Wood called him out for this empty tactic:

        He refutes nothing I said, and then declares himself the winner. Nice.
        I see nothing in what Levin thinks is a reply that should make any of his supporters proud, or that should cause me to abandon my constitutional views. I am accused of misusing the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist, etc., but Levin does not condescend to share any specific examples of this alleged misuse. We are to be satisfied with his ex cathedra pronouncements alone. . . .
        Levin says he is “embarrassed” for me, so transparently have I allegedly prostituted my historical scholarship on behalf of my political ideology. He must have an acute sense of embarrassment indeed, since it appears to paralyze his ability to respond with specifics when his position is completely destroyed. And indeed so non-embarrassed am I that I heartily encourage all the world to read all the original sources, mine and his, linked at the beginning of this essay.

        If you have any more up-to-date information, or can find anywhere where Levin responded with more substance, please link to it. We’d all love to see.

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